Elena Chmyhankova

Consultant, Performance

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn

About Elena

  • Promotion of sites in TOP search engines
  • Customer analysis
  • Formation of reputational background of persons, companies, products
  • Formation of search results for customer requests
  • Removing negative content from the Internet

Elena in our blog

Nov 2022Top 25 Best Crypto & NFT Marketing Agencies

Most lists of crypto marketing agencies present companies without any underlying ranking. This article talks about the in-depth research we've performed into the crypto marketing industry.

May 2022Creative for HR brand: 25 million reach and 1500+ job postings

How to attract attention to the company, increase brand awareness and hire the best employees for open positions.

Feb 2022Competitors spreading fake negative content about you on YouTube? Here's how to fight it

Many companies suffer from 'dark PR' or defamatory content spread by unscrupulous rivals. BDC Consulting recently helped a client get dozens of such fake negative videos removed from YouTube – read on to find out what worked and what didn't.

Jan 2022More than 800 responses to the vacancy: BDC Consulting continues looking for the candidate of CEO Joke Assistant

BDC Consulting launched a unique position at the beginning of the year: CEO assistant for jokes. The vacancy was viewed about 50,000 times, and the number of responses exceeded 800.

Nov 2021How to build company awareness after renaming and create a positive image in 3.5 months

In the case studies, we describe how we formed the search results for a branded request after renaming in 3.5 months.

Sept 2021How to raise search results from 0 to 15-40% depending on the region in 3 months

We will discuss how we got positive results by region, what prevented us from making the results even better, how we changed the strategy in the middle of the sprint

Apr 2021Constant action, mentorship, and pastries at BDC Consulting - my honest review

The crypto market is experiencing the new boom, and with it, the blockchain marketing space. Many marketers are striving to get into this domain, but what exactly are the stipulations at agencies that promote cryptoprojects?

Apr 2021Improving personal online reputation: from 48% negative to 90% positive

A single negative review can drive away up to 22% of customers. So what do you do when there is not one or two, but many negative reviews and comments?

Mar 2021Case study: how to cut SERP negativity rate by 45% and double sales at the same time

In just 3.5 months, BDC Consulting improved the search engine reputation of an investment company and helped it boost sales by 100%.

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