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How to build company awareness after renamingand create a positive image in 3.5 months

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Elena Chmyhankova

Consultant, Performance


3 min

In our cases, we usually talk about our experience of successful campaigns for clients. This time, we will use our own example of BDC Consulting to explore the topic of correct rebranding in great detail. 

Initially, like most agencies in the crypto marketing market, BDC Consulting was a digital agency with various types of clients from many industries.

Several years ago, we decided to change the scope to a narrowly focused but rapidly developing segment - the crypto industry where we continued to work exclusively with players in the blockchain market. 

For 3 years, the agency ( has been promoting PR campaigns while our specialists have been working on brand awareness. We constantly posted information in the media and published cases. After the rebranding, all the work had to start all over again, as the name of the company had changed, and the search results were showing irrelevant content when users requested “BDC Consulting”.

Our goal: to generate relevant search results for a brand request of the specified GEO. 

GEO: Due to the fact that the site had 2 language versions, the English-language (UK, USA) and Russian-language (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) GEO were chosen for work. Also, in the process of performing tasks, we connected such GEOs as Germany and Vietnam. 

At the beginning of work on the GEO specified above, when taking positions, we saw only the company's website and some social networks, where specialists had managed to change the name. The output in the TOP 20 was only about 30% at the start of work.

The difficulties we faced: the presence of companies of the same name providing consulting services in the GEO we chose.

Thus, it was impossible to completely monopolize the name (100% of mentions) for a brand request for given locations.

The list of specialists' works included more than 10 items:

  • Registration of new company profiles and editing of old ones, change of the company name, 23 resources were utilized here. 
  • Regular publication of case studies on at least 5 blog platforms. We managed 21 publications in 3 months.
  • Placement of links to the company and materials in the media.
  • Constant filling of social networks with content.
  • Creation and development of a YouTube channel.
  • Interviewing and publishing in the media.
  • Working with sites for finding employees in a company and developing an HR brand.
  • Opening of a virtual office in Moscow, Russia.
  • Change of information on the search engines’ maps.
  • Registration in the ratings of crypto agencies.

 The work of our managers in the field of SERM lasted for 4 months. The result is 70% of TOP-20 issuance by brand query for all GEOs in aggregate.

Changes in the dynamics of search results on the mention of "BDC Consulting" 

If your company has been on the crypto market for a long time but intends to reposition its brand or product, BDC Consulting specialists will help you within a short period to get a high number of positive mentions of the first two pages of Google search results for the required GEOs.


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