our team of strength

We care about personality and capability. Leaders in our company each bring with them a unique set of skills and experiences that support us in our mission.

Daria Vechorko

Head of Account & Project Management

Olga Vodchyts

Account Manager

Ales Kovalevich

CEO / Managing Partner

Vladislav Kovshik

Product Marketing Manager

Svetlana Kopach

Creator & Social Media Supervisor

Paul Moukhin

Partner / Chief Business Development Officer

Galina Rybakova

Web Designer

Julia Herman

Communications Manager

Julia Khoda

Lead HR Manager

Dmitry Chekan

Consultant / Financial Expert

Oleg Shulga

Project Manager

Alexey Kurokhta

Motion Designer

Elena Chmyhankova

SEO Manager

Margarita Muravskaya

Public Relations Manager

Roman Aliev

Strategy Manager Lead

Anastasiia Avdysh

SMM Manager

Mikhail Grechishnikov

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Alexandra Zenkevich

Project Manager Assistant

Tatiana Galagutskaya

Project Manager

Catherine Vasileva

Account Manager

Anastasiya Dolgikh

Head of User Acquisition and Retention

Irina Kutsko

Talent Acquisition Manager

Grigoriy Kalashnikov

Influencer Marketing Manager

Matvey German

Project Manager

Catherine Rukhlia

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Alexandr Protas

Assistant CEO

Marat Gizatullin

Market Researcher & Analyst

Oleg Kalugin

SEO Manager

Evgeniy Molozhen

SERM Manager

Nadezhda Tarasenkova

Project Manager

Vladimir Surkov

Influencer Manager

Kris Arkhipova

HR Asessor

Aleksandr Bushmanov

Junior Performance Manager

Daniil Te

Performance Manager

Artem Bratushka

Product Manager

Aliaksandr Dabranau

Research Advisor

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