Tatiana Galagutskaya

Head of Project Management Officе

The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.

About Tatiana

  • Turning plans into actions and actions into results
  • I can effectively organize the work of teams in a state of uncertainty and in a set of processes
  • I act like the leader of the orchestra: I gather around myself the best musicians who play different instruments, and I make them play at the same rhythm
  • Soft skills as superpower

Tatiana in our blog

July 2023Mastering LinkedIn: Strategies for gaining invaluable insights from interviewing C-Level Executives

Any business with access to insider information boasts an undeniable advantage. As a consulting company, we strive to fully understand the perspectives, priorities, and logic of decision-makers

May 2023How to keep the community engaged while the product is delayed

Keeping the community engaged when the project cannot launch on time.

Jan 2022How to build a vibrant community with over 72,000 users worldwide

Can token sale be increased, for example, to $8 million from scratch just by building a vibrant community for English, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese-speaking users?

Sept 2021How to raise search results from 0 to 15-40% depending on the region in 3 months

We will discuss how we got positive results by region, what prevented us from making the results even better, how we changed the strategy in the middle of the sprint

Aug 2021How to become a project manager in the blockchain industry – and what problems you need to be prepared for

How to become a project manager in the blockchain industry – and what problems you need to be prepared for

July 2021From 0 to $2,000,000 in token sales, 8x Telegram followers, and 10,000% marketing ROI – all in one sprint

How to stimulate token sales and build a reputable 25k user community with the complete anonymity of the parent company?

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