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Managing Partner, CEO

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Ales in our blog

Nov 2022The End of the Hidden Crypto Business Era

Why the dark crypto business is irrelevant and the only way to build trust is through complete transparency and openness.

Oct 2022How can Web2 businesses implement dApps, NFTs, & DeFi solutions — or should they?

It’s become trendy to talk about Web3 as the new era of the internet that companies should rush to enter before others do.

Feb 2022Ethereum killers: Does Their Fame Match Their Claims?

Competition fuels innovation and benefits customers, while monopoly leads to higher costs and limited choice.

Jan 2022How to run an IDO on two platforms and get 13K+ users on the waitlist

An IDO’s success depends on a combination of a clear strategy, omnichannel promotion, and the competence of a crypto consulting agency. Since 2017, the BDC Consulting team has held dozens of IDOs (and earlier ICOs).

Sept 2021Cryptocurrency Marketing Needs In-Depth Interviews — Here’s Why

A product without any direct competition is a challenge for marketers. This is specifically an issue for those building in the cryptocurrency world.

Jan 2020How to get free coverage for an unknown project on 70 media sites, including Forbes, Cointelegraph, and The Sun!

From one day not even Google knew anything about the project, to the next being covered by the top media with hundreds of millions of monthly users.

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