About company

BDC Consulting History


We created BDC to help businesses grow. Hence the name - Business Development Center. During the initial years, the company executed many marketing-related projects in various fields: advertising, online games, show business, sports clubs, etc. But then ...

In 2017, we ventured into crypto, and ... it was ecstatic. After such experiences, people do not return to their old world. We realized and felt this fundamentally new standard of living of people, freedom of their actions, and ideas about the entire global economy.

We are convinced that:

●     blockchain technologies make the global economy more transparent, fair, and efficient;

●     it will bring a new era of freedom and opportunity for all of humanity;

●     We are here to bring this era closer, even though real changes take a long time.

We have been helping crypto projects for 5 years. Over the years, we have attracted over $70 million in investments and over 3 million leads in the field, which has helped our clients from startups to become companies that move the world forward. Therefore, we formulated our mission very simply - to help our clients become unicorns. 

Our greatest challenge is to become a global bridge between experience, competencies, and opportunities for those involved in the transformation. 

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