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Constant action, mentorship, and pastries at BDC Consulting- my honest review

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Elena Chmyhankova

Consultant, Performance


5 min

The crypto market is experiencing the new boom, and with it, the blockchain marketing space. Many marketers are striving to get into this domain, but what exactly are the stipulations at agencies that promote cryptoprojects? I, Helen, am the part of the BDC agency team, and here comes my review.

Why I went to work at BDC Consulting

One of the perennial problems of a marketer - going as a company, agency or simply run freelance? For the last five years I have tried all of these options, and eventually I settled on the agency job. Not because the agency is inherently better, but because I found "my" agency - BDC Consulting. It was especially praised for its friendly atmosphere and great company, which was essential for me at the time, after my experiences facing bureaucracy and very formal management.

Let's delve into some background: The agency delivers market research along with marketing and PR itself, which has been spotlighted in Forbes and CoinDesk, for instance. Because the range of services has gone beyond the scope of digital (for example, we have online reputation management and growth hacking), in 2021 the agency switched the name to BDC Consulting.

Straight off the bat, the staff turned out to be extremely friendly and bureaucracy-free: say, you can easily write a message to CEO Ales Kovalevich, and he will be there to help.

Coincidentally, since I live in Minsk, I have a chance to work in the office, which offers a gorgeous view of the Svisloch River. A lot of our team members are working remotely (the pandemic has obviously affected the format of the work in many spheres). I also have no ties when it comes to working in the office; there are folks in our team who work from different corners of the planet: from Ukraine and Russia to Indonesia.

Fact: crypto is much more interesting to promote than drapes

Now the most interesting part - the projects in question. We have a lot of them atm: as of now, I am involved in 8 concurrent campaigns. However, this is where the advantage of working in the blockchain sphere comes in: while all the projects are diverse, the content is similar, so it is easier to navigate and switch than in a general-purpose digital agency. That is, it's not like you have a curtain manufacturer client, a software developer and a cosmetics store at the same time, and you have to understand all these niches separately.

Because crypto is a world of its own, where everything is mutually interconnected, and everything you pick up in one project is applicable in something else. This makes the work at BDC diverse and dynamic, but you also are growing in a very specific industry, which is important when building a career. So in 2020, for example, the main crypto thread was DeFi. And yeah, I made the effort to figure out the intricacies of DEX, IDO, revenue farming, etc., but I leveraged that knowledge into 10+ projects. By the way, another major advantage of working at BDC Consulting: the company covers the attendance of trainings and seminars, including the virtual ones. This free professional development helped me a lot, because before coming to BDC my knowledge about blockchain had been quite shallow.

My personal pros and cons of working at BDC Consulting

There are four reasons I am especially passionate about when on the job:

  • The true value of the job: crypto is, in my opinion, the most dynamic and forward-thinking domain. And I feel that with BDC, I am helping to build the business of the future.
  • Mentorship: this is the sort of experience you won't find at a conventional company. There are so many genuine experts in the BDC team, from whom I get to learn every day, and who are always ready to teach and explain.
  • Professional opportunities: cryptomarketing experts are very, very much in demand, and clients are willing to pay well for such services. Therefore, there is a real chance to earn your retirements before the age of 40. In addition, you can create a personal brand of yourself, become an expert who is approached by the media for commentary, etc.
  • Our designer Galia's homemade pies. The only comparison to these wonderful goodies is the bonus for exceeding KPIs (which, by the way, is a common occurrence at BDC).

In terms of the disadvantages, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the very spirit of project work at the agency. It comes as the optimal format for me: I relish the variety of tasks, communication, the constant switchovers. But it doesn't work for hours reading jokes in silence on such a job, as a matter of fact.

And yes, I may be called out for running out of milk in the coffee machine all the time. But I guess that happens to be karma :)

I really hope my review of my personal experience @BDC Consulting will be useful to someone. I would like to add as an advice: if one wants to develop in marketing, it is worth trying the blockchain industry out. In the coming years, that market will only expand, so there will be an abundance of interesting projects for everyone.

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