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Elena Chmyhankova

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Most lists of crypto marketing agencies present companies without any underlying ranking. This article talks about the in-depth research we've performed into the crypto marketing industry. The goal has been to assist crypto teams in locating the best-fit agencies based on their specific needs. Below, you'll find a deep dive into the methods we've used, followed by the ranked list of agencies and major insights to guide your search. 


Overview of Blockchain/Crypto Marketing and PR Companies

Currently, around 50 agencies operate in the crypto marketing space. Some companies deliver full-cycle services, while others focus on specific services or geolocations. Teams might claim that they've been around since the early 2010s, but most companies were operating in other segments and entered crypto only in 2017 when the ICOs advanced or after that.

Our research allowed us to locate and review all existing agencies in blockchain marketing. As a result, we've identified a total number of 46 such companies. In the screenshot below, you can see this list with companies ordered in alphabetic order.

Complete list of crypto marketing agencies

We've created a useful document that covers the gist of our research. To access the above list, go to the "Agencies" Section. Now, let's see how we can identify the high-level market segments.

Grouping Crypto Marketing Players

In our efforts to group agencies, we've pinpointed the major factors that impact the attractiveness of such providers, among these are:

  • Focus on crypto marketing
  • Delivery of full-cycle marketing support
  • Team size

As a result, we've ended up with the 4 main groups:

  • Group 1 (9 companies): Strongest players with the most attractive offerings
  • Group 2 (16 companies): Viable agencies and specialized teams
  • Group 3 (13 companies): Non-viable providers
  • Group 4 (7 companies): Transient companies and dubious actors

You can use this classification to easily cut off unwanted actors by focusing your efforts on constituents in Groups 1 and 2. Next, we talk about effective ways to rank teams and see how they stack against each other.

Ranking Viable Crypto Agencies

To rank companies, we've looked at various quantitative and qualitative indicators and identified what matters most for our research. You can see these indicators in the "Points" Section of the document. The total number of indicators is 11, and you can see them below - we specify the information about the indicators and their weightings within the overall ranking.

To rank companies, we've identified the core quantitative and qualitative indicators and determined their weightings within the overall ranking. The detailed data on the ranking process is shown in the "Points" Section of the document.

We use a total of 11 indicators, presented below:

  • Crypto marketing launch year (0.15 weighting): Core indicator, used to measure the agency's experience. Such a high weighting is justified since it's easy to obtain and verify the underlying data.
  • TOP brands in portfolio (0.05 weighting): Low-weighted indicator since it's based on publicly available data that is hard to verify.
  • Tier-1 media mentions (0.05 weighting): Low-weighted indicator since it's based on publicly available data that is hard to verify.
  • Team size (0.1 weighting): Medium-weighted indicator driven by LinkedIn-soured data that is hard to verify.
  • Percentage of marketers in the team (0.1 weighting): Medium-weighted indicator driven by LinkedIn-sourced data that is hard to verify.
  • Industries number (0.15 weighting): High-weighted indicator with data, openly available at the agency's site.
  • Combination of marketing and other services (0.15 weighting): Many agencies offer both marketing and other services.
  • Focus on strategic solutions (0.05 weighting): Hard-to-verify data. Marketing works best when teams strive to build long-term relations, offering strategic support for B2B clients.
  • Omni-industry profile (0.15 weighting): Data sourced from the agency's site.
  • Availability of missions/goals (0.1 weighting): Core indicator that reflects the overall vision and goal-setting process. The presence of the elaborate mission helps leads identify the agency's values.
  • Customers number (0.05 weighting): Core indicator, which is hard to verify due to the lack of publicly available data.

The final ranked list can be seen in the screenshot below, where we cover only members of Groups 1 and 2.

Ranked list of viable crypto marketing companies

Those who wish to gain deeper insights into the industry's landscape are invited to review the data on specific indicators. In addition, the "Clients", "Industries" and "Characteristics" Sections in the document offer even more information on the specific facets of each of the agencies we've analyzed.

Ideal Blockchain PR/Marketing Company: Key Features

As an additional benefit of our research, we have been able to elicit the profile of an ideal crypto marketing agency that would hit the 100/100 points as per our ranking system. Notably, the top 5 companies are currently ranging within the 60-70 points scope, which clearly shows that the industry has a lot to grow.

An ideal agency would have started its operations around 2017. Top 10 brands should be among its customers. The company should enjoy a number of mentions in Tier-1 media. The team should be versatile, with marketers forming a strong predominance.

The focus shouldn't be solely on crypto marketing, but the team should also offer services in another scope, such as development, IR or BD. At the core of the team's activities should be the strategic vision, manifested through the major collaborations with key players and the availability of the mission and goals on the site.

Feel free to tweak our ideal marketing agency profile to identify your own focuses and vectors. Now that we've shared the methods behind the research, let's take a look at the final ranked list.

Ranked List of Crypto Marketing Agencies

Now that we've shared the methods behind the research, let's take a look at the final ranked list. Use the list to quickly access both the descriptive information, as well as the major statistical data for each company.


BDC Consulting: Web3 Strategy Consulting & Advising

BDC Consulting is a major mover in consultative marketing. Crypto projects yearn for guidance and support that goes beyond the marketing-only approaches of the past. The agency leverages data analytics across Twitter, Discord and TikTok to better align the winning strategies and communicate messaging to audiences. With BDC, influencer marketing delivers awareness and real buyers at the doorstep.

  • Foundation year: 2011
  • Team members: 71
  • Industries: 11
  • Top customers:, OKEX, Exchange, CoinsPaid


Crowdcreate: Leader in NFT fundraising

With a strong skew toward NFT marketing, Crowdcreate brings together strategists, community managers and creative writers. NFT and crypto projects enjoy lower acquisition costs and higher quality of incoming leads. Crowdcreate has been around since 2017, assisting a suite of winning projects in NFT collections, marketplaces and decentralized platforms.

  • Foundation year: 2014
  • Team members: 45
  • Industries: 18
  • Top customers: JamCity, Solana, Jaxx, Sandbox, Pastel


Amazix: Consulting and influencer crypto agency

Amazix doubles down on community management, effectively building trust and loyalty. The influencer marketing coverage is 300 million users. Over 500 customers have found Amazix useful for promoting their tokens and collections. Advisory and consultations are other key competencies of this team as they are ready to steer the project’s path toward impressive results.

  • Foundation year: 2016
  • Team members: 65
  • Industries: 10
  • Top customers: CertiK, Polka City, STO DigiShares, FortKnoxster


Keydifferencemedia: Long-term blockchain marketing agency

The marketing agency has been successful in promoting ICOs. The well-functioning connections with influencers and content marketers undergird its creative approaches to advertising and promoting projects. Partnerships with major crypto media can be quickly activated to raise awareness among crypto audiences.

  • Foundation year: 2008
  • Team members: 202
  • Industries: 5
  • Top customers: Metahash, Hyprr (ex Howdoo)


Applicature: Best crypto marketing agency with devs onboard

Applicature connects traditional investors and crypto projects by leveraging its own community in Silicon Valley. Roadshows, hush-hush promotions across major investor hubs and content-driven campaigns are among the most favored growth enablers. Among the major customers are SLOGN, Orocrpyt, and DarICO.

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 55
  • Industries: 13
  • Top customers: CryptoFights, Gamestation, Triall


Blockwiz: Community-driven crypto marketing firm

The agency was founded by stalwart crypto operators when they failed to find on-par marketing support. Today, it's well known for influencer management and brand consulting. The strategic vision of the leadership team goes hand in hand with proactive contributions from every community manager and marketer. These efforts bubble up into real figures - over 150 successful crypto projects and millions in investments.

  • Foundation year: 2019
  • Team members: 85
  • Industries: 6
  • Top customers: Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, OKEx, Delta, Vauld, CoinDCX


Wachsman: Startups-focused PR and marketing company in crypto

A unique breed, Wachsman plays between the established finance and emerging tech industries. Web3, metaverse and NFT projects win from a multitude of connections and effective communication strategies. A special focus is on start-ups and growth powerhouses that need an effective marketing boost most.

  • Foundation year: 2015
  • Team members: 147
  • Industries: 10
  • Top customers: Hedera, Stellar, Cardano, Dash, Chainlink, Exodus, Decentraland, XBTO, Coindesk, Bittrex, Near etc.


SparkChain/SparkPR: Full-cycle IR and marketing agency in blockchain

SparkPR has been around for almost 20 years, helping tech brands to establish themselves and deliver good exits for founders. With its elevation into crypto, SparkPR brought through an amazing suite of promoters and marketers. Among the major projects is Simple Token, where the agency excelled at creating a social online community and academy, educating investors and helping them learn the crypto-ropes.

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 76
  • Industries: 9
  • Top customers: CIVIC, Coindash


Ninjapromo: End-to-End growth marker in crypto, NFT, GameFi

Based in New York, Ninjapromo offers a broad-based suite of services in marketing and advertising. A strong focus is on optimizing all facets of the sales funnel - email marketing, UI/UX design and supporting PR boosters. Over $150 million has been raised for crypto and NFT projects by this marketing agency. Strong connections have been formed with Okex and other trading startups.

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 124
  • Industries: 6
  • Top customers: Iqoniq, Okex, Bitforex, Integritee


IBC Group: IR-first PR and demand maker group

IBC Group is a breed between incubators and marketing agencies. It helps teams not only promote but learn and adapt to the fast-changing waters of crypto. An all-important investors database has over 150 thousand potential buyers, ready to go all-in. Over 60 projects have been successfully enabled through the agency's efforts.

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 90
  • Industries: 10
  • Top customers: Blocktopia, Genopets, Zamio


Serotonin: Incubator-styled team to transform web2 into web3

Serotonin steers web2 companies into web3. Proficient marketers and creators help enliven the messaging campaigns and turn heads. On top of marketing, the team is active in recruitment, accounting and web2>web3 transformation. Incubation is merged with promotion to better serve a new wave of web3 dApps and infrastructural projects.

  • Foundation year: 2020
  • Team members: 49
  • Industries: 6
  • Top customers: Cosmos, Filecoin, Decentraland, Polkastarter


Corum8: Crypto advertising agency and development team under one roof

Corum8 merges creative efforts and AI, seeking to empower emerging crypto brands. The team shines best in disrupting established environments by pushing forward blockchain-driven solutions. The in-house engineers are well-versed in all major blockchain ecosystems, ready to deliver full-suite development and management campaigns. Corum8 goes a bit more on the techie side, while still offering effective community management and PR support.

  • Foundation year: 2019
  • Team members: 50
  • Industries: 15
  • Top customers: Coruls, Cashaa, VeriSmart, Fanadise, Cryptvise, Charry Network, DeFiner, Gold.Kioks


Sinofy: China-driven PR and marketing agency in crypto

Sinofy has a clear geo preference as it works hard to build brands in China and South East Asia. A powerhouse of NFT artists, marketers and strategists can augment a global effort and take the project’s regional efforts to the next level. Viral marketing is driven by in-depth marketing research and analysis with each new step guided by calculated strategies and vision. Community management in China often heeds for a stand-alone marketing partner, and Sinofy may be a perfect fit for such operations.

  • Foundation year: 2020
  • Team members: 70
  • Industries: 12
  • Top customers: Mogul Productions


Innovion: Guerilla marketing leader in crypto and blockchain

Innovion is all about guerilla marketing, promoting crypto brands across closed-door chats, paid VIP rooms and booming discords. An impression of random activities are driven by a long-term strategy that keeps projects above the fold in the minds of real buyers. The team has effectively empowered over 200 crypto teams with amazing results in coverage and investments.

  • Foundation year: 2020
  • Team members: 14
  • Industries: 11
  • Top customers: Utrust, Polkastarter, Oceal protocol


Lunapr: PR-focused crypto marketing agency

Luna PR is a one-stop-shop digital marketing agency, ready to take on your challenges and deliver acquisitions and awareness. The US-based team knows their way around the ins and outs of PR, paid search and community management. Extensive experience and expertise help the team identify hidden opportunities and product-market fits.

  • Foundation year: 2020
  • Team members: 100
  • Industries: 7
  • Top customers: Huobi, Kadena, Binance, Nexo


Cinchblock: Weird and out-of-beaten-track crypto influencer agency

Cinchblock breaks away from anything traditional in crypto marketing. No fluff, no old stuff. Only new, so-degen and moon-ly moves from this team. Located in Asia, Cinchblock can uniquely drive those Asian communities that are so powerful in every project's efforts. This China-first marketing agency will perfectly fit into a global patchwork of a project’s marketing activities.

  • Foundation year: 2017 
  • Team members: 90
  • Industries: 4
  • Top customers: n/a


LKI: Young and feisty PR team in crypto and NFT

LKI is driven by a strong Ukraine-based team, ready to take on projects in crypto, NFT and metaverse. The professional marketers offer effective engagement strategies through community management and PR. A unique point of view and confidence in their approaches sets the leadership team apart from other marketing agencies in crypto. 

  • Foundation year: 2015
  • Team members: 14
  • Industries: 5
  • Top customers: NordVPN, DeGate, Huawei, CoinGate


Flexe: Russian gurus in lead acquisition

Based in Moscow, Flexe delivers on cost-effectiveness and performance. A suite of marketing tools pivots toward community management and acquisitions, leaving behind fluff and low-yield channels. Flexe has a huge cache of highly successful crypto projects, among which are YFDFI.FINANCE, BANKAERO, Monart. The agency will be a great fit for those teams who wish to activate CIS and Russian audiences. 

  • Foundation year: 2018
  • Team members: 31
  • Industries: 6
  • Top customers: PlayDapp


Priority Token: Asia and Russia fundraising and marketing team

Priority Token shines best in Asian domains, where it can deliver a huge uplift to community operations in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Well-crafted community strategies can deliver a powerful result with local investors being well informed and nurtured in their own languages. Priority Token is based in London and has branched into Moscow, Singapore and Dubai. 

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 16
  • Industries: 8
  • Top customers: UPBOTS


x10 agency: Asia-centered promotional agency

x10 agency is a cross-breed between launchpads and marketing agencies in crypto. It helps projects start on the right foot from the first stages and continue building a strong community around the brand via minimum efforts. x10 agency offers a special package for Asia-focused promotion activities, which may serve well in accounting for the highly specific nature of such markets. Accelerated listing and continuous liquidity management help tokens fare well post-launch.

  • Foundation year: 2016
  • Team members: 20
  • Industries: 11
  • Top customers: Mercuryo, Platoncoin


Degen Agency: Shilling and guerilla marketing crypto team

Degen Agency goes after the latest trends in crypto marketing and TikToks your project’s way into the heart and minds of newly-minted degens. Shilling, TikToking and other community-building operations are in the team’s blood. Degen Agency will serve well as an augmentation to a high-level marketing partner like BDC or x10.

  • Foundation year: 2021
  • Team members: 50
  • Industries: 5
  • Top customers: Traent


Marketacross: PR and high-level marketing for blockchain

Marketacross is a performance-based marketing agency, where teams pay only for the wins. This gets some skin into the game and motivates agency marketers to amplify engagements across content and community channels. DreamTeam, Vertex, and Papyrus are among the major partners of this Israel-based team. A special focus here is on content production and distribution.

  • Foundation year: 2013
  • Team members: 28
  • Industries: 9
  • Top customers: Binance, BitTorrent, Polkadot, Solana, Polygon


Icoda: Russia-first local contractor team

Icoda builds on its strengths in the Russian market. A powerful team augments well with more global-focus agencies like BDC or Amazix. Telegram promotion is among their strengths, where the agency can effectively leverage connections and networks to squeeze a high conversion rate with minimum effort.

  • Foundation year: 2017
  • Team members: 28
  • Industries: 5
  • Top customers: huobi global, SwissBorg, abcc


Coinbound: Full-cycle PPC/SERM team in crypto and blockchain

Coinbound brings together amazing content makers and promoters that can effectively create, distribute and empower your project’s content initiatives. PPC and organic search efforts come together in the hands of experienced writers and promoters. Tyler Daniel Smith, the agency's founder, has been well-known for his prowess and insights into the crypto industry thanks to his long-running podcast.

  • Foundation year: 2018
  • Team members: 12
  • Industries: 4
  • Top customers: etoro, metamask, cosmos, nexo, tron, Litecoin. Exclusive for CoinStats, CryptoDaily


Belkinmarketing: China and US growth maker team

Located in Hong Kong, Belkinmarketing merges marketers from Russia, China and the US. The powerful mix of creatives and strategists can elevate any brand and token. The team pushes the envelope on content marketing and delivers strong support for marketing operations across crypto, NFTs, metaverses and other emerging tech solutions.

  • Foundation year: 2007
  • Team members: 7
  • Industries: 1
  • Top customers: NewsBTC, CoinTelegraph

Bottom Line

Throughout our in-depth research, we've been able to compare the competing crypto marketing agencies based on various indicators and determine the best-fitting candidates for your consideration. Use our document  to dig deeper and derive your own insights with the help of our data.

All of the TOP 5 agencies offer full-cycle marketing services, acting as general contractors in PR/SERM/marketing. Some teams are specialized in a specific geolocation/services stack, able to boost your efforts in the focus scopes. However, it's highly advised to first pick the main marketing collaborator that will have a strong strategic vision, offer end-to-end marketing coverage and enjoy sufficient resources to deliver on your GTM aspirations.

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