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If you run a crypto startup and want to stay competitive, your project must be in the spotlight. It’s not enough to come up with a great idea - you need customers who appreciate it and are ready to pay for your innovations. Blockchain entrepreneurship and digital marketing go side by side, so if you’re in search of a worthy crypto PR agency, you’ve come to the right place.

BDC Consulting is a blockchain PR agency that provides the whole gamut of services to promote both startups and well-established projects. Having over 5 years of experience, we helped dozens of clients to boost their market capimprove reputation and increase conversion rates.

Are you ready to be the next market conqueror?

Our Crypto PR Services

Whatever you do - integrate Bitcoin payments or develop DeFi farming solutions - our complex approach to promotion will make your project’s popularity soar with each passing day.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Project research. We figure out the mission and philosophy of clients’ projects to develop a fully customized PR strategy that strikes the aim.
  2. Target audience identification. The BDC team defines the target audience’s needs and desires making sure our PR campaign addresses them all.
  3. PR channel evaluation. With each channel considered, we pick the ones that allow reaching the target audience with maximum cost-efficiency.
  4. PR strategy optimization. We keep identifying and fixing bottlenecks through the course of a promo campaign. The adaptive approach allows meeting customers’ business objectives.
  5. Deep analysis. BDC Consulting keeps track of each PR campaign and its results to make timely adjustments and maintain the desired ROI levels.

All PR tools in a single place

With our comprehensive set of PR tools, you can enhance the power of paid efforts and reach ultimate results. BDC Consulting team works in several directions:

Unleash the power of crypto PR with BDC Consulting and watch your project’s metrics reach stellar levels! 

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