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People spend over 30% of their online time on social media, so they trust high-profile bloggers and buy what they advertise, whether it’s Bitcoin or the latest smartphone. Having influencers promote your brand is a big advantage - but having a whole company doing it for you is a real income-booster.

BDC Consulting boasts extensive experience in influencer marketing, providing turnkey solutions for brands, websites and individuals. We help startups and seasoned firms in the field of cryptocurrency & blockchain turbo-charge their revenue and attract new customers from all over the world.

BDC Consulting is more than an influencer marketing agency: our complex strategy blends industry research, digital marketing, hidden marketing, promo campaigns, advertising and research. Thanks to our holistic approach, customers manage to double conversions, quadruple the market cap, and drastically improve online reputation.

Our Influencer Marketing Services

We offer out-of-the-box B2B solutions for small business and large-scale organizations that need promotion. What do our clients get?

  1. Deep research of the influencer market. We pick crypto influencers who are on the same wave with the client and can convey the message correctly.
  2. Search for suitable platforms. We scout for the best influencers on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Picking the right channel is the key step towards maximizing conversions.
  3. Budgeting. You’ve got requirements, we’ve got top solutions. Our campaign results invariably exceed the KPI objectives - and more than justify the costs.
  4. Campaign micromanagement. From writing TikTok video scenarios to analyzing content engagement, the BDC manager team will do everything for a smooth and efficient social media influencer marketing campaign.

BDC Consulting collaborates with a vast network of crypto experts and implements customized strategies that grow business revenue, boost conversions, improve reputation and raise brand awareness. No matter which social media platform you prefer, our consultants will make your influencer marketing campaigns hassle-free and productive. 

Youtube influencers

Video content is the most efficient tool for brand promotion. BDC Consulting will find the most prominent YouTube influencers to support your company and get you the most dedicated and involved audience! 

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