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Video has become the most palatable and efficient ad format - it’s a sure-fire way to promote a brand or a persona. People start trusting newly appearing influencers, including popular YouTube vloggers. Want to have them attract an audience to your business? BDC Consulting can help you organise the campaign that hits the target. 

Being around since 2014, BDC Consulting offers the whole gamut of digital marketing services for businesses of any scale, especially blockchain & crypto startups. We are not just a YouTube influencers agency - our promotion experts can find suitable vloggers, plan the budget, control campaigns and analyze the results.

Why YouTube?

Being one of the world’s largest online services with thousands of video influencers, YouTube hosts over 2 billion logged users over a month who watch over a billion hours of videos per day. This is a huge source of potential customers, no matter who your target audience is. 

Of course, it’s possible to order built-in advertisements but nothing conquers viewers’ hearts better than influencers’ recommendations. People tend to trust peers with the same school of thought, so opinion leaders attract truly devoted users. 

BDC Consulting will find the YouTube vloggers who qualify to represent your brand and your products. We don’t just find people related to the topic - we perform a deep analysis of account performance. The BDC team meticulously picks the bloggers whose videos generate maximum response and convert the best.

Give Your Reputation A Boost

Startups often face the issue of trust. This is where influencers come in handy: by showcasing your services and products, influencers on YouTube convince viewers of your value and benefits. 

Besides, using YouTube influencers marketing allows:

  • Attracting audience that’s in tune with you;
  • Enjoying totally customized advertisement formats;
  • Reaching stellar KPI;
  • Greatly boosting brand awareness.

So if you’re considering partnership with the biggest bloggers in social media, let BDC Consulting take care of it. 

Influencer Marketing

Our marketing services cover more than YouTube - we can find top bloggers in any social media and have them promote your business. BDC Consulting provides turnkey solutions for brands in need of a complex approach.

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