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Why have just one community when you can have many? We excel at building organic, highly engaged 'tribes' in GEOs like Latin America, Europe, Turkey, Russia, the CIS, and more.

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Established in 2017, BDC Consulting has already helped 100+ companies achieve success in the crypto & blockchain industry. Our services range from influence marketing to strategic consulting and growth hacking. Whatever your target region, we know what it takes to boost community growth and attract customers from all over the world.

We will guide you every step towards building a strong, active, and loyal community:

  • Target audience profiling
  • Channel building
  • Building up enthusiasm
  • Creating regional communities
  • Maximizing engagement and loyalty
  • Turning users into ambassadors
  • Launching viral expansion

Our Strategies

BDC Consulting maximizes your community building gains using advanced economic growth strategies.

Multichannel Marketing

We reach out to target audiences via 10+ channels: social media, blogs, influencers, ad networks, and more.


Cross-promotion through partner communities draws in customers from adjacent segments. We’ll identify the most promising collaboration opportunities and arrange campaigns as needed. 

Content is King

Community needs access to free knowledge and resources before it can get excited about your product. We’ll prepare appealing content that hooks and educates at the same time. 

Promotion Forever

We keep communities engaged by driving their active participation. Get your company promoted the way people like!


BDC Consulting holds the key to successful onboarding: we guide users towards the product, showing its value and keeping them interested.

Why BDC Consulting?

Clients from all over the world have many reasons to trust us with their community and company growth:

Worldwide Coverage

We work with audiences from all major regions: Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America, CIS, Australia

Holistic Approach

Our team uses all available tools for community growth: social media groups, digital marketing, reputation management, local media sources, and SEO practices. 

Constant Control

BDC Consulting continuously tracks community management progress to optimize campaigns and reap maximum results.

Out-of-the-box Solutions

We don’t use the cookie-cutter approach. Our experts generate outstanding ideas and exceed expectations, every time.

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