Search engine reputation management (SERM)

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Search results’ tonality determines user behavior. If a potential customer searches for your company’s name and finds negative reviews on the first page of Google or YouTube, they are unlikely to buy from you or even visit your website. 

With the Search Engine Reputation Management services (SERM) by BDC Consulting, you can be sure that users will see exactly what you want them to see when they google your brand. 

We leverage sophisticated content marketing, SEO, and PR tools to fill the top 20 with positive and varied content about your company. Our all-encompassing approach to SERM includes:

  • SERP audit: we’ll carefully analyze the top 20 results for each of the core queries to calculate your reputation in search engines, and make a list of the negative resources that should be suppressed.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): reputation management can yield incredible results when your website, blog, videos, social media pages, and every single piece of content are properly optimized. Titles, subheadings, keywords, meta tags – we’ll take care of everything.
  • Content marketing: influencer reviews, mentions in top-ranking media, social media,  directories, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos – we use all these and more to push any negative results down and away from the top results pages.
  • PR: our SERM and PR managers will negotiate with media editors and influencers to change or remove incorrect negative information and replace it with positive organic mentions of the brand.

Read our SERM success stories:

  1. How we cut Google negativity rate from 45% to zero and doubled sales at the same time
  2. +222% to traffic and +92% to conversions with online reputation management
  3. Improving personal online reputation: from 48% negative to 90% positive

Apart from SERM proper, we also have extensive experience with the more general Online Reputation Management (ORM) and hidden marketing (HM). Click on the links below to view detailed descriptions of these services. 

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