Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Brand reputation is the opinion that customers, both existing and potential, have of your business. Nowadays, reputation is largely shaped by what users read and see on the internet: YouTube reviews, forum comments, news stories, social media posts, blogs, and so forth. 

Managing reputation is crucial for sales, user acquisition, and scaling. 79% of people trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations from friends, and a single negative review on the first page of Google search results can cost you up to 22% of customers. With three or more negative reviews, you risk losing 59% of prospects. 

The bad news is that even firms offering excellent products and services cannot escape online negativity, often due to unscrupulous actions by competitors. The good news is that reputation management services by BDC Consulting can help you radically improve your company’s image.

BDC Consulting is a consultancy and reputation management agency with years of experience in the fintech and blockchain industry. We have developed a pioneering  synergetic approach that seamlessly blends digital marketing, reputation management (ORM, SERM, and HM), PR, SEO, strategic planning, and much more. Thanks to this technique, many of our clients have already increased sales by 100% and tripled website traffic.

Apart from reputation management for companies of all sizes, we excel at personal reputation management for individuals: corporate executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, lawyers,  and other public personas.

We’ll make sure that people read, see, and hear only positive or neutral things about your brand. By constantly monitoring the web, we will identify any new negative content and defuse it before it can tarnish your reputation and public relations. 

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Our ORM experts will track and process new reviews and mentions of your brand on Q&A websites, blogging platforms, news sites, YouTube, social media, etc. They will work with editors and site owners to remove any fake or unjustified negative content and replace it with authentic reviews, organic mentions, and positive comments.

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Our target is always 0% negativity and at least 60% positivity for branded searches on Google and YouTube. By publishing a variety of authentic positive content, we’ll push the negative results so far down that your customers will never see them. Note that SERM yields the most powerful results for small businesses when combined with ORM.

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Hidden Marketing (HM)

This technique subtly shapes a positive opinion without advertising the brand. HM specialists answer questions, comment, and direct the discussion, carefully working through users’ concerns and doubts and shaping a desire to buy from you. 

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