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Lead generation for crypto,or how we achieved 25% more leads in one sprint in the Asian markets

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Vladimir Surkov

Consultant, C&I


Anastasiya Dolgikh

Head of User Acquisition and Retention

Nadezhda Tarasenkova

Manager, P&A

Catherine Vasileva

Account Manager

Vladislav Kovshik

Consultant, Product Development


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The BDC Consulting team is often entrusted with launching advertising campaigns and forming conclusions on the local market for lead generation, internet community expansion, or token purchases among crypto users in specific regions. In this case study, we reveal to you how, in one sprint, we attracted 1,260 leads from the markets in South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We will also share our insights on working with Asian markets. 


The company's client is a decentralized multi-chain platform that offers trading with a high level of transparency. The product of the promotion was farming: a user selects an investment instrument, connects a wallet, and places a deposit in a pool. 

Within one sprint, we needed to attract 1000 users through the launch of an advertising campaign in native grids (banners) and Facebook, as well as through opinion leaders. GEO - Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia. The cost of a lead was set at a ceiling of $17.

What was done

Landing pages for each GEO were chosen as tools for attracting users. We bought local domains and translated content into local languages to send traffic from banner ads and Facebook. The traffic from bloggers was directed to the client's website. Before launching the advertising campaign, analytics were set up on our side and the client's side.

Сustomer acquisition channels

Today, cryptocurrency business owners can choose effective channels for attracting customers, focusing on the budget, goals, and industry specifics. In this case, we used banner advertising on local sites and lead generation traffic from bloggers.

1–2-week sprint

The work was carried out in two directions: Facebook and banner networks.

Lead generation methods on Facebook were chosen:

  • Creation and optimization of existing campaigns for three GEOs - Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea
  • Testing various combinations of banner + text
  • Setting up and launching campaigns with an audience similar to site visitors

 The following lead generation methods were used for banner networks:

  • Launching two advertising platforms for targeted GEOs and initiating a high volume of targeted clicks
  • Campaign optimization and to increase CVR

 According to the first two weeks' results, we managed 195 leads at a price of approximately $40.   

3rd-week sprint

  • We increased the number of conversions through several actions:
  • Started testing new GEOs targeted at the English-speaking audience.
  • Launched an additional advertising network and planned to launch two more.
  • Bloggers began to publish about our product actively.
  • Conducted A/B-testing of advertising banners (video and static).
  • Suspended operations in South Korea due to low efficiency, starting. preparations for launching local Korean networks.

insights of the week:

  • The most clickable creative is the static 300/250 - it takes up more space on the user's screen.
  • A post launched on a local Vietnamese Telegram channel gave the lowest cost leads. We started recruiting bloggers based on successful first launches.

By the end of the third week, we had 519 leads with a CPL of about $12.

4-5 weeks sprint

The project team optimized conversions and focused on the most converting GEOs (Vietnam and Indonesia). We ran an advertising campaign in the most converting combinations of targeting and platforms:

  • Launched new ad banners to prevent creatives from burning out.
  • Started testing similar audiences for detailed targeting and look-a-like.
  • Launched contextual advertising.
  • Cleaned sites with a high bounce rate daily to get more conversions.
  • Tested new gif format creatives - they turned out to be more effective, the click-through rate was 20% higher.

Results of the advertising campaign

We exceeded the KPI by 26%, having managed to attract 1260 leads instead of 1000. The average CPL was $13.51 per lead:

  1. Five campaigns were launched on Facebook with different settings, and ads focused on Indonesia and Vietnam generated the most leads.
  2. Bloggers made 14 posts about the product on Telegram, four on Twitter, one on Facebook, and one video on YouTube. This added 263 leads to our KPI.
  3. The total number of leads from ad networks was 406 people. At the same time, the most converting grids were identified.
  4. We launched 13 contextual campaigns that brought ten leads. Limited by budget and timeline, this channel has not yet shown its full potential.

Sprint insights:

Lead generation clients from Facebook:

  • The most productive GEOs by the target are Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • The most effective creatives - video (CTR was 123% higher).
  • For Indonesia, interest targeting worked better; for Vietnam - a look-a-like audience.
  • It’s better to update creatives every 1-1.5 weeks to avoid banner burnout.

Traffic from bloggers:

Vietnam was the most successful GEO in terms of working with influencers. From the user comments, we saw that video instructions are needed to understand the platform better (we will take this into account in future work).

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