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How to increase TVL by 36% in 14 days

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Anna Morozova

Team Lead Marketing


4 min

Total Value Locked - the amount of locked funds in the smart contract - an indicator of user interest in the project. Is it possible to quickly increase it, and what conditions are needed for this? Let’s explore these questions in the case of BDC Consulting.


It was necessary to attract a fixed amount of liquidity to the client’s project — a gamified decentralized AMM exchange with an internal governance token and NFT mechanics. The main difficulty: the release of the project on Polygon in two weeks.

How did we do it?

Given the tight deadline to prepare for the launch of an advertising campaign, the BDC Consulting team focused activities in 3 areas:

  • Attracting traffic to the project through influencers with English and Spanish speaking subscribers. Promptly (in 5-7 days), we launched a multi-GEO campaign with a database of bloggers and established relationships with tier-1/tier-2 influencers. We also developed an offer and the mechanics of attracting liquidity to the project.
  • Active community management aimed at involving and accompanying the audience. Without Community Management, there could be an outflow of up to 70% of the attracted audience. It was necessary to build daily interaction with product users through regular posting on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Publications in English and Spanish tier-1 crypto media. Media support for the project was also needed since the advertising campaign was newsworthy and could generate leads on its own. It was also known that users of crypto products follow non-linear paths. A potential lead first studied the product on the Internet and only then decided whether to join the project or not.

It was strategically important to implement the task through the joint efforts of 3 parties: BDC Consulting, the project team, and Polygon (Community and Media Partner Resources). Thanks to the media resources of the latter, we received additional publications in 11 Twitter and Telegram accounts, 7 AMA sessions and podcasts.


At BDC Consulting, advertising campaign analytics is always part of the work on any channel. We study the effectiveness of marketing activities and the movement of users through the funnel, which allows us to fulfil KPIs and get insights into the project. In this case, we noticed that some investors were withdrawing funds after a short time. Based on this observation, changes were made to remove the causes of this behavior.

KOLs/Influence marketing

During the 14 days of the advertising campaign, influencers posted 14 posts on Twitter and Telegram. Community management on these social networks increased the read share of posts by 50% within a month. Bloggers have regularly shared on Twitter and have published several reviews on YouTube. As a result of working with influencers, we have reached more than 357,000 users.


We placed materials in English and Spanish-language media according to the media plan. In total, during the advertising campaign, 33 publications were made in crypto-media channels. The coverage in the media amounted to 313,000 views.

Community Management 

We analyzed the current community management of the project, conducted an audit of competitor communities, and built daily interaction with users:

  • Created and filled the Spanish-speaking Telegram community, which attracted a native administrator to communicate with the audience.
  • Created a content plan for posting news on the project’s Twitter and Telegram channels.
  • We developed the mechanics of involving followers in the product and offer of the advertising campaign.
  • We developed activities for warming up and keeping users in the community and then distributed them evenly over the advertising campaign.

The result of achieving KPI TVL for 14 days of the advertising campaign

  • TVL increased by 36%.
  • KPI exceeded by 492% (6 times more than planned)

The correctly chosen format and strategy of the omnichannel marketing campaign made it possible to attract new investments (liquidity) to the client's project quickly.


  • It is possible to launch a multi-GEO influencer campaign in 5-7 days if you have a database of bloggers and established relationships with tier-1/tier-2 influencers.
  • Such results are achievable only for a multi-channel advertising campaign. The user’s path in the crypto industry is not linear, so you need to create an information field around the product and the community.
  • In 2 weeks, it is realistic to increase the inflow of liquidity into the project by 36%.
  • 14 days is enough to digitize the funnel and improve the main indicators in subsequent campaigns.
  • After analyzing the inflow and outflow of funds during the advertising campaign, we found points of increase in indicators for retaining investments in the product.
  • It is ideal to go out for the entire period with one main offer and not change it during the campaign. This can save you extra costs.

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