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From 0 to $2,000,000 in token sales, 8x Telegram followers, and 10,000% marketing ROI – all in one sprint

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Roman Aliev

Director, Strategy

Tatiana Galagutskaya

Head of Project Management Officе

Olga Vodchyts

Manager, Strategy&Marketing


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Brief summary

How to stimulate token sales and build a reputable 25k user community with the complete anonymity of the parent company? Learn more about the tools we used to execute this marketing phenomenon for a top-notch entertainment project in this particular case study.

The challenge

Our client is a gaming project with an original token. Our main challenge was to promote the token, boost the exchange sales, expand the community size, and set up a Twitter page – all with zero references to the company name.  Our client was clear about the anonymity condition, so we couldn’t leverage the high-profile names associated with the project or activate traditional channels such as press releases or ads. 

The campaign GEOS were quite specific and targeted the following countries: 

  1. Europe
  2. Latin America
  3. Turkey

How did we do it?

The project team consisted of 9 members, including a PM, an account manager, a marketing team lead, an influencer manager, an SMM manager, an SEO/SERM specialist, a PR manager, and a content writer. 

Key campaign languages: English, Spanish, Turkish

Method: kol or influencer marketing

Since mentioning the company’s name was not an option for us, we had to fully rely on KOL marketing strategies and let the influencers promote the token in a discreet manner. They went on a mission of telling their followers how exactly they found out about the token and why they set their eyes on the project by describing it’s advantages. This all culminated in an important next step – an invitation of the followers to a special Telegram chat. 

Regional telegram communities

We set up three Telegram chats in targeted languages: English, Spanish, and Turkish. Each chat had a manager responsible for encouraging discussion about the project’s updates and the token’s potential, conducting weekly giveaways and pools. This allowed us to create not only one but three loyal and active communities. 


We got our Twitter influencers to execute weekly token giveaways to complement the community-building effort on Telegram.


In just 4 months, we got absolutely killer results:

Token sales

Stage 1  — $1,700,000, or 70% higher than the KPI set($1,000,000);

Stage 2  — $4,241,000 vs. an original KPI of $2,000,000.

The token is now traded on 7 exchanges (one of them makes the global top 10) and is sold to large investors (from $100k) through brokers.

Community growth

Twitter: from 0 to 14,000 followers

Regional Telegram communities: 10,000 members (Turkish - 2,200 users, Spanish - 2,000)

Official Telegram channel (in English): 5,000 users

Global outreach


  1. Collaborating with prolific bloggers and influencers is a fast and efficient tool for shaping large communities.
  2. Users are inclined to join chats and channels when those are recommended by an influencer of trust.
  3. Regular project updates and news are essential to keep up the interest.
  4. The creation of unofficial regional communities allows for project promotion without directly involving the company/platform and generates organic interest.
  5. This niche enthusiasm leads to organic growth in token sales.

As of July 2021, we are successfully keeping up with this project and launching new local communities (including Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean). 

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