Daria Vechorko

Director, COO

I derive order from chaos, luckily it doesn’t work the other way around.

About Daria

  • People management
  • Fundraising

Daria in our blog

Apr 2021Improving personal online reputation: from 48% negative to 90% positive

A single negative review can drive away up to 22% of customers. So what do you do when there is not one or two, but many negative reviews and comments?

Jan 2020How we transformed a reputation from 48% negative on Google to neutral

One can easily translate sign reputation management to income management. Your public image directly affects sales, career and financial well-being in any field – whether searching for an investor, overcoming the negativity spread by your rivals, a change of field, or creation of a new public persona.

Jan 2019The Future of Crypto ecosystem, Intellectual Economy, Negotiations with Investors: BDC Employees embrace Binance Blockchain Week 2019

On January 19-22, the world of blockchain technology was concentrated in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

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