Crypto Marketing Services

Since 2017, we’ve already helped 100+ fintech companies increase sales by 100% and get over 3M targeted leads. Now we want to help you.

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    YouTube Influencers

    We leave nothing to chance. From precise influencer targeting to detailed video scripts, complete with SEO-optimized titles and tags, we run KPI-driven influencer collaborations that fit in perfectly with your brand message and business goals.

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    Blockchain Consulting

    Experience the power of smart scaling hypotheses. This exclusive, research-based technique by BDC Consulting reveals unexpected ways to attract investment, improve the customer journey, and scale faster and cheaper.

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    Crypto PR

    We work with trusted core journalists and editors from 500+ media sites, including Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and Hackernoon. Our customers enjoy truly global coverage, frequent organic mentions, and hundreds of free press release placements.

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    Influencer Marketing

    BDC Consulting makes sure that every dollar you spend on influencer integrations gets you more leads, sales, or brand awareness. Trust our experienced negotiators to get you the best deals with some of the 1,000+ opinion leaders we work with.

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    Community Growth

    Why have just one community when you can have many? We excel at building organic, highly engaged ‘tribes’ in GEOs like Latin America, Europe, Turkey, Russia, the CIS, and more.

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    Reputation Management

    A single negative review in the top-10 can cost you 22% of customers. BDC Consulting will eliminate negativity, build a positive online presence, and fill search result pages with content that shows off your brand in the best light.

BDC Consulting isn’t your regular cryptocurrency marketing agency. We are a full-service blockchain consulting company with tailored services ranging from growth hacking to influencer marketing and reputation management. No matter where you are in your startup journey, we have a turnkey solution for you:

  • - Ideation stage: a White Paper that the target audience will want to read, stellar SEO, brand storytelling that sells, and your first enthusiastic community;
  • - ICO/IEO/IDO: a razor-sharp crypto PR and influencer campaign to break through the noise and convince investors that your coin is a better buy than Bitcoin;
  • - Expansion: enter new markets (LATAM, CIS, Asia, UK, etc.) and supercharge growth with the right YouTube influencers situation marketing, and organic placements in top crypto media.
  • - Troubleshooting: struggling with weak trading volume, high user acquisition costs, or negative reviews? BDC Consulting will launch an urgent reputation management campaign to make the market fall in love with your project.

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