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BDC Consulting creates Crypto Trust Rating

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Ksenia Alikova

Analyst, R&D


3 min

Blockchain research and marketing agency BDC Consulting is working on a Crypto Trust Rating to help investors make better decisions and avoid scams. The first part of the study is a 

survey where participants get a chance to win up to $1000. The survey round will run from March 11 to May 1, 2022. 

Why create the Crypto Trust Rating?

With dozens of crypto projects launching every day, choosing where to allocate one’s funds has become more difficult than ever. Beginner investors don’t know which platforms are trustworthy – and end up buying scam tokens that advertise the highest APR. On the other hand, bona fide projects often struggle to gain users’ trust because of intense competition. 

BDC Consulting aims to provide a solution with its upcoming Crypto Trust Rating – a ranking system that will evaluate individual projects, institutions, and whole segments of the crypto industry. In the process, the researchers will find out which project metrics and qualities determine the level of trust and what a project should do to prove that it’s trustworthy. 

The Crypto Trust Rating will help both investors and venture funds to make better allocation decisions. It will also allow projects to optimize their communications and PR and improve their reputation. 

The large-scale survey and the reward lottery

The first part of the study is a global survey of 4000-5000 crypto holders from around 20 countries. The preliminary list of countries is based on the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis and on CoinMarketCap’s Ranking of User Geographies by Page Views and features the US, Canada, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Turkey, and many others. 

Anyone who has been active in the crypto market for over a month and regularly transacts with cryptocurrencies can participate in the survey, which will take no more than 15 minutes to fill. The list of questions includes:

  • the participant’s crypto experience and area of activity (DeFi, trading, mining, P2E etc.)
  • what areas/projects they trust (VR/AR, gaming, DeFi, L1/L2, etc.);
  • which sources of information investors trust most;
  • if they are ready to invest in the segments/projects they trust, and so forth.

Each participant will receive a lottery ticket with a chance to win $50 to $1000 in USDT. They will also get access to an exclusive Telegram community where they can take part in the future survey rounds and receive unique NFTs. 

The survey is available here:


About BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting is a leading research and marketing agency with over 100 successful campaigns in its portfolio since 2017. The company specializes in innovative growth strategies, such as scaling hypotheses, SERM (search engine reputation management), in-depth target audience research etc. BDC Consulting works with dozens of blockchain projects across Europe, Latin and North America, and Asia. The agency has published numerous high-profile studies ranging from the role of women in crypto to the marketing strategies of crypto exchanges. 

With the Crypto Trust Rating survey, every crypto user can make a real impact, helping to build trust in the industry. To join the survey for a chance to win $1000, click on the link.

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