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Since blockchain projects are based on sophisticated technologies and come with proprietary financial models, a whitepaper is essential because it explains all these subtleties clearly. It describes how a project works and explains the tokenomics model. 

What is tokenomics? This is a mechanism that defines how a certain token is functioning and how all related processes are organized. This is what describes the coin’s qualities making it appealing for investors. Also, tokenomics defines such factors as the total number of coins, fees, allocation policy, and so on. 

In a tokenomics whitepaper, potential investors and users can find such aspects as:

  • Token Model. It can be deflationary or inflationary. In the second case, the maximum supply of a token can be increased. The first one is used for Bitcoin, which is limited to 21 mln coins. 
  • Token Distribution. Tokens can be pre-mined or released during the launch. In the best tokenomics, readers can find how tokens are mined, earned, owned, and governed by the community. 
  • Token Supply. Each project defines the total amount of tokens from the start. In tokenomics, circulating, total, and maximum supply can be defined.
  • Technical Subtleties of the project. In this section, developers describe how things work in their platform, define the protocols used in the blockchain, and which problems their project addresses. 

In later versions of tokenomics, crypto market cap and renewed distribution mechanics can also be mentioned. It gives investors an idea of the project's perspectives and future profits they can make.

Cryptocurrency tokenomics justifies the economic point of a token. The demand for it will define its liquidity, cost, and popularity. That’s why this document should present a platform and its token in a favorable light. 

Let BDC Consulting develop key tokenomics points for your blockchain project

BDC Consulting helps crypto projects make a bright start. Over several years, our team has helped dozens of startups through the preparation and release of their native coins. We craft token promotion strategies and consult clients on tokenomics development. Our team provides support at all stages:

  • Formation of tokenomics
  • Token release, ICO/IDO, listing
  • White paper marketing and token promotion

Each tokenomics whitepaper we create contains ample information for potential investors and users to see all the benefits of the token. Our Whitepaper service consists of:



The first factor of any document that lays the basis for the whitepaper.

Industry Overview

A brief description of the industry in which the project will be performed.


Description of the solution proposal according to the industry challenges. We highlight key advantages and differences in comparison with other projects.

Tokens Distribution

A Whitepaper clearly explains the allocation of tokens at different stages of IDOs or airdrops.

Token Supply 

Each project has a defined total amount of tokens from the start. In tokenomics, circulating, total, and maximum supply can be defined.

Road Map

Marks the important dates for the launch of projects, post-launch operations, and other important points for products.


Risks and uncertainties need to be mentioned. Otherwise, it may seem like a questionable business proposition.

Risk Factors

In addition to the legal disclaimer, technical risks must be specified.

White Paper Content Design

Once the text has been approved, your white paper will be formatted by graphic designers who will implement all your brand color schemes and other design preferences into the document.


Why BDC Consulting?

Tokenomics is an essential part of any crypto project. This is a mechanism that defines how a certain token is functioning and how all of its related processes are organized. No matter what’s the purpose behind your tokens, our team can turn the idea into real investments. Meanwhile, you can enjoy:

  • Privacy and confidentiality. All the conversations and materials we work with stay private. 
  • Commitment. Our experts keep tracking the success of your projects and make sure that tasks are fulfilled as planned. 
  • Getting results. We craft detailed step-by-step plans of IDO campaigns. Our strategies are constantly improved to reach the desired numbers and outcomes. 
  • Support. Questions? Concerns? Just contact your project manager and we will address your issues shortly. 
  • Dedicated project manager. In BDC Consulting, every marketing campaign is in the safe hands of a project manager. Our clients don’t have to find marketers and contractors - managers do all the hard work and assign tasks to other specialists in our team.
  • High competence. BDC Consulting team has huge experience in promoting and guiding crypto projects through any stage of development. 
  • Personalized strategies. It’s made possible thanks to market research that we perform before initiating any serious marketing campaign. 

We keep tabs on the DeFi and crypto industries to develop the most relevant and efficient tokenomics models. For our clients to organize successful token sales, we collaborate with crypto influencers, organize posting in media, and develop localized communities. No matter the purpose behind your tokens, our team can turn the idea into real investments.

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