Research services

Narrowly focused research and analysis of your customers’ needs and competitors’ strategies, followed by expert recommendations.

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Understand your current clients 

Gain insight into your active audience and advance the services based on customers’ needs. Determine why they don’t act as you predicted and eliminate the issues that cause it.

  • Scaling in relevant GEOs: attract more users, similar to your current ones;
  • Increasing LTV: introduce new products valuable for your users;
  • Increasing ROI: lower the price of a target customer while increasing average check and buying frequency.

Recognize potential customers

Whether launching a product or conquering a new market, the data we gather will help you make calculated decisions by addressing burning issues. 

  • Introducing a product to the market;
  • New market entry;
  • Converting competitors’ customers;
  • Finding product-market fit;
  • Creating traction for fundraising.

Monthly expert research

Book a regular market research plan designed to raise brand awareness and get into the top media outlets at zero cost. 

  • Free publications in Tier 1 media;
  • Brand’s expert image broadcasting;
  • Increasing citation count and brand awareness.

Competitive analysis

It’s easier to put things into perspective when you know exactly what your competitors are up to. We’ll analyze the market, so you can adjust your strategy.

  • Determine why your product is better;
  • Copy the best business practices;
  • Understand must-haves and shortcomings.

How we do it

Depending on your inquiries, we do qualitative (Mystery Shopper, CustDev, JTBD, Persona Canvas, etc.) or quantitative research (surveys, tests, experiments, and quasi-experimental designs).

On top of that, we arrange desk research, statistical data and social-network analysis, as well as on-chain analytics.


  • 4k+ Respondent Panel
  • Access to TOP Tier C-Level
  • 62 geos

Turnkey solution

Our research is carried out by professional sociologists, but we also cooperate with Doctors of Science and the crypto market’s niche experts when necessary.

  • Drawing up a research program, and control of the work plan;
  • Search and recruitment of respondents, opinion leaders, and sources of relevant information;
  • Interviews, surveys, focus groups, tests;
  • Aggregation of information, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, and big-data analysis;
  • Verification of hypotheses, real data-based reports;
  • Recommendations for product optimization, marketing, and strategy.

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