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Full project support prior to the IDO: media, influencers, community, investors, and launchpads

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With Decentralized Finance gaining traction, The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is becoming a global trend among investors and startups. It opens a myriad of opportunities for companies by combining all the best from digital marketing and crowdfunding. 

What is IDO and how does it differ from ICO?

IDO is an immensely efficient way of finding investors and growing an audience within a short time span. An IDO offering promotional campaign combines:

  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Market research
  • IDO Press-Release
  • Pay Per Click
  • Community engagement

These approaches allow startups to showcase their product, raise brand awareness, build an active community and share informative content that drives investments. 

With both IDO and ICO, crypto tokens issuers need to create a smart contract and tokenomics, order audits and perform promotion. However, with an ICO marketing company, tokens are usually minted after the sale - it’s done on the company’s website. This is a costly pleasure as exchange listing is required, and it may cost from $100,000 to several million dollars.

The major advantage of an IDO project is that a token is instantly listed on the decentralized exchange where it’s offered. Fees received help companies cover operational costs and listing expenses. 

What IDOs and ICOs share in common is that the success of a token sale depends on the community activists and their investments. Hence, the results of campaigns depend on the quality of IDO or ICO marketing services.

BDC Consulting knows it all about IDOs

With our team having rich experience in ICO management, we gradually switched to the new industry standards and mastered the promotion of IDO business. Our project managers and marketing experts help projects through the whole cycle of Initial DEX Offering - from inventing tokenomics to distributing tokens for sale and post-IDO support.

Our digital marketing agency provides the entire scope of IDO Services:

  • Video Marketing. We make video content for distribution over influencers’ channels, prepare AMA sessions and interviews with founders, make presentations or find contractors to help. 
  • PR and Content Marketing. Our team writes and prepares press releases, creates and edits written content and finds channels for distribution. A strong PR and outreach to all major crypto sites make a huge difference for token and community development. It keeps the community engaged and informed thanks to partnership announcements, news, releases and interviews.
  • Social Media. We keep in touch with localized communities, raise subscriber numbers, answer potential investors’ questions and keep the audience entertained. It’s an essential part of IDO project management.
  • Paid Traffic. Our agency finds ad networks to get traffic, generates creatives and runs test campaigns. 
  • Influence marketing. We collaborate with global and local opinion leaders in the crypto industry. They publish posts to showcase our customers’ products. Also, we organize AMA sessions and live streams with the projects’ team members and CEOs.
  • Post-Token Sale Marketing. The BDC Consulting team does its best to support crypto projects after the token sale. Our customers continue finding investors to back up their projects. 

To top it off, our experts help our customers with email marketing, bounties and airdrops. The whole path of your IDO can be in the safe hands of the BDC Consulting team. 

How partnership with BDC Consulting can benefit you? 

A successful business is impossible without efficient promotion. Our team approaches each client individually and comes up with tailored strategies for them to reach the place inder the sun of the crypto industry. 

Our experts provide all-inclusive marketing services to implement ideas, perform successful IDOs and raise a devoted community of investors. From consultation to product launch, you can count on our support and competence.

Being a BDC Consulting client means:

  • Privacy and confidentiality. All communication, content and materials are never accessed by third-parties. 
  • Commitment. Our experts keep tracking the success of your projects and make sure that tasks are fulfilled as planned. 
  • Getting results. We craft detailed step-by-step plans of IDO campaigns. Our strategies are constantly improved to reach the desired numbers and outcomes. 
  • Support. Questions? Concerns? Just contact your project manager, and we will address your issues shortly. 
  • Dedicated project manager. In BDC Consulting, every marketing campaign is in the safe hands of a project manager. Our clients don’t have to find marketers and contractors - managers do all the hard work and assign tasks to other specialists in our team.
  • High competence. BDC Consulting team has huge experience of promoting and guiding crypto projects through any stage of development. 
  • Personalized strategies. It’s made possible thanks to market research that we perform before initiating any serious marketing campaign. 

With BDC Consulting, your project gets the digital marketing services it deserves. 

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