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Are you a top-tier talent?

  • Yes? Look no further.
  • No? Look away.

Hey there! I'm Ales, CEO of BDC Consulting. We are looking for top talent. Well, not just the top ones, but more like intergalactic superstars at the beginning of their big bang.

What do we need them for? We aim to become the No. 1 consulting company in the crypto market. Think of McKinsey as a reference. Guys with a glowing halo above their heads, thanks to their level of expertise. To achieve this, we must be nerdy, fearless, and resourceful.

BDC Consulting is the largest consulting company for crypto businesses in Europe. Our ultimate goal is to become No. 1 in the world.

You’ll find more info on tasks and conditions below.

What will the company give you?

  • Freedom. You can do whatever you want within the project’s framework: propose and implement bold ideas; search for and hire people and subcontractors. We are always looking for non-standard and effective solutions. And this is about NOT doing business like everyone else does. And here could be the standard bullshit about unconventional thinking. You already know everything yourself if you're in the know.
  • Full-blast experience. We have a lot of different and complex work to do. A great way to stay in perfect shape without gaining weight. As a rule, once you graduate from BDC, you’ll go C-level or open your own business, regardless of the position.
  • Observation. Different projects, contexts, and complexities provide a powerful boost for a deep understanding of how Web3 businesses and products work.
  • Opportunity to become a partner. As part of the standard development track within the company, everyone has the opportunity to grow and become a partner, managing the business together.

What about the tasks?

  • Managing a team of 5-10 specialists from various fields (establishing protocols, defining areas of responsibility, assisting in rapid employee recruitment).
  • Close collaboration with SMM, influencer and collaboration managers to ensure a cohesive brand message.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for interacting with social media and communities to enhance brand recognition and attract users.
  • Creating and maintaining a reliable and consistent presence on all major social platforms, including content creation, planning, monitoring, and analysis.
  • Organizing effective communication between community management and the project team.
  • Tracking, analyzing, and reporting key performance indicators for community and social media effectiveness.
  • Gathering and processing user feedback.

What we expect

  • Deep understanding of SMM, including all major social networks and metrics, with experience working closely with SMM specialists (coordinating or creating proposals, categorizations, designs, etc.).
  • Experience with Twitter (X), Discord, and Telegram, including creating engagement mechanics and contest activities (situational, daily, weekly).
  • Experience in leading community managers, and managing a team of 3-5 people.
  • Discord collaboration process understanding (you will work closely with collaboration managers). Experience in organizing AMAs/spaces would be a significant advantage.
  • Experience with SocialFi platforms (quest launch platforms) such as Zealy, Questn, Galxe, and others.
  • Experience working with bloggers (Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, etc.) and influencer managers.
  • Experience launching ambassador and referral programs (developing strategies/plans for community development through such programs).
  • Understanding of how shilling and other auxiliary tools work.

The priority is given to a candidate with experience in GameFi/NFT, DeFi, and SocialFi projects.

What we offer

  • Great experience that you can only get with us, and we have something to share.
  • We will be paying you with money.
  • A bonus system tied to the LTV and PnL of your project.
  • Interesting and large projects in the most competitive niches.
  • Remote work entails being able to work from anywhere in the globe where there is Internet access.
  • A team of talented individuals and everything you need for your productive work.
  • Mentor for the duration of the adaptation phase. We are prepared to explain, share, and instruct. We recognize that even professionals require time.
  • Unlimited days off, as needed or due to illness.

If you can't find a suitable job opening, but you're sure that your experience is a great match for BDC Consulting, we'll be happy to get to know you. Please submit your CV using the form below.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our BDC team! :)

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