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Four Principles of Successful Marketingfor Crypto Projects

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Roman Aliev

Director, Strategy


7 min

My path in marketing started with my own laptop repair business. At first, I had to do everything myself: fixing, sales, delivery and, of course, marketing.

To increase the flow of incoming customers, I began to learn the basics of product promotion. Over time, I began to understand this area better than most marketers with higher education whom I met. While they studied the theory from old textbooks, I practiced and gained experience.

When my staff grew to 12 people, one of whom was a marketer, I became bored in my business. Most of all, I liked the advertising component, but it was not enough for me, and I began to look for opportunities in marketing. I was interested in working with different products, at different stages of their development and with good budgets.

Thus began my story of working in a marketing agency.

Why is "crypto" cool?

With the arrival at BDC Consulting - an agency that focuses on working with crypto projects, my experience in my favorite field has increased many times over for two main reasons:

  • The crypto industry is one of the fastest-growing spheres. Here, in a month, something that has taken years in other markets can happen.
  • Marketing budgets are measured in tens, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars a month. You can try what you did not have enough money for before and get exceptional results with such budgets.

In 2018, when I received the first project on blockchain marketing, I was very surprised by the approach to promotion. Everything was done from scratch and not just quickly, but at lightning speed.

In 2017-2018, the marketing of ICO projects was in demand. The main task was not to create long-term and correct strategies, but in a short time to "blind" the landing page, fill social networks, and attract more traffic.

Over time, users have learned to distinguish good products from bad ones, and crypto marketing has become more traditional. You still need to analyze the market, develop individual positioning, create a strategy to achieve business goals and only after that proceed to active actions.

Our approach to the marketing of cryptocurrencies and projects

In this article, I will talk about how our agency works with crypto projects and simplifies their lives.

Most clients want to achieve certain business goals but come to us unprepared from a marketing point of view. To make our cooperation as effective as possible, we have created a very high-quality system of interaction with customers.

The key is that we never start a project until we understand the essence of the request and business goals and agree on exactly how we measure success.

Thus, consulting in marketing crypto projects begins with an understanding of the task.

Let's say a client comes with a request to launch traffic to his trading platform. We could just quote the cost of our services based on his budget, but that's not professional. Often such cooperation ends after a couple of months, and both parties may remain dissatisfied with each other.

First of all, we find out the client's true (ultimate) goals. To do this, ask the following questions:

  • What are your current business goals (in terms of money, market share, or at least in terms of users who are monetized)?
  • How should traffic help achieve these business goals?
  • How long do you want to achieve these goals?
  • What is the path of the user after getting to the site?
  • What user cost is acceptable for your unit economy?
  • How do you know that we as an agency have done a good job or not?

Such questions help to describe our interaction in numbers, understand the logic of the client's request and either accept it or offer alternative options that are more suitable for their project.

Thanks to this approach, we show the expected results from the first months, and the client stays with us for years.

Information is the key to success

The second important part of our approach is research. Neither the customer nor the marketer can objectively assess what is happening in the market. Therefore, we proceed to each project as a blank slate and go to users and competitors to seek the truth.

We receive the following information from users:

  • their average portraits;
  • criteria for decision-making on the choice of a product;
  • the media consumption channels they prefer.

Considering competitors, we find out their strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, we analyze their marketing to adopt the best promotion practices.

Then the most interesting part begins – the development of positioning for our product. Although marketers are mostly systemic people, creativity is paramount in the matter of positioning. At this stage, we need to create such a description of the brand and product that will combine:

  1. Advantages of the product;
  2. Criteria for user selection of the product;
  3. What competitors are already offering.

As a result, we have positioning – a description of the product in a language understandable to users, from which they will understand exactly why we are more profitable than competitors.

If before this stage, everything was done qualitatively, then marketing turns into a simple and understandable sequence of actions:

  • create advertising materials based on positioning;
  • show them to users;
  • measure the result;
  • optimize and scale advertising campaigns;
  • use HADI cycles on key indicators.

We strive to be the first

The third point of our approach is proactivity and constant experimentation. We rarely start a new project sprint without new proposals that will help us progress.

These can be simple A/B tests of advertising materials, the launch of a new channel, or the development of unique mechanics to improve certain indicators. Our team always offers something new, and when customers give us feedback, they especially highlight the novelty of our approaches.

Finally, the fourth point is our developments and contacts in the cryptosphere, which simplify interaction with most advertising channels.

Over the years, we have gathered a multi-thousand base of bloggers with their direct contacts and sometimes with exclusive prices for services. Some projects cooperate with us solely because of influencers, because we launch campaigns faster and cheaper.

We are in direct contact with many crypto media, can be placed where others cannot or can, but are much more expensive than we are.

We have worked out the mechanics of creating local communities in most regions, including Europe, Latin America, Arab countries, the CIS, and several Asian locations. At the same time, we develop a whole range of activities to maintain participant involvement and select a moderator who will manage the community in their native language.

We have learned to moderate most advertising systems by white methods – without cloaking. And if somewhere we meet with a hard block, then we have developed alternative systems for collecting traffic through banner advertising on crypto sites.

This is only a small part of the developments, thanks to which our agency works faster and better, and our clients save money and time.

To summarize, we do high-quality marketing for crypto projects due to 4 components:

  • Deep dive into the essence and synchronization of tasks, based on the client's business goals.
  • Building advertising campaigns based on objective market data that we get through research.
  • Proactivity and constant experimentation to find areas of considerable increases in efficiency.
  • Huge developments in the field of crypto marketing.

We love our work, and what is done with love cannot be done badly. This approach is the most fruitful, and we are ready to prove it to you: just contact our team.

If you are a marketing specialist, you can subscribe to my Telegram channel, where I sometimes post cases and share life hacks, as well as post current vacancies at our agency.

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