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Sharing the best insights on how to make $1,000,000 on cryptocurrency arbitrage: Big interview with S

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Watch the interview with S on YouTube

S earned over $2 million in arbitrage. Today, let’s find out how he did it.

S is one of the most controversial crypto influencers on the CIS market. Let’s discuss his best crypto trades over the past two years, which, considering the bear market, helped him earn over $1 million. 

— Hi. You've made over $1,000,000,000 in a bear market during the 2023 year. So, I know that before that, you were selling pencils. How did you do that? 

— I have such a sphere. It does not imply minus deposits. I observe risks and consider myself an accurate arbitrageur. I am making quick profits: Buy, sell, and get the difference. The level of an arbitrageur depends only on how much money you make. If you are at a loss, then you are not an arbitrageur.  

— Can you share your results for the last month? 

— In 7 days of April, I made $100,000. Need to say: it's not skill. It's luck.

Let's give the audience an example. How do you find a trade? Let's say a stablecoin's price becomes untied to the dollar. You notice that, buy it back, and wait for it to be tied back. How do you track that?  

— There are different tools. Usually, we track the reasons why the stablecoins are being tied up. For example, USDC got the difference in price with the dollar at 10-20% not too long ago. There was a clear way to make money. You buy USDC stablecoin on DEX, arbitrage it on Binance, and sell it there for a profit. Tracking is effortless: Influencers always cover significant events.

— How do you realise that an Influencer is worth paying attention to?

— Two simple criteria: He knows how to make money, and you have much to learn. You need a competent Influencer and the EtherDrops bot. You put notifications on top coins, and every half a year, you make money. 

— Are those the critical sources of information for you? 

— Not really. They're general tools. The key ones for me are private software and my mind. There's a lot of information you can get just by reasoning. The news may not be on the internet yet, and you've already decided about selling your coins. 

— I was interested in the PUPS* story. How did you find this project? You posted about the coin the day before the pump, and it gave 30X while lying dead for a year? 

* — PUPS is a coin on BRC; the project was built a bridge on Solana. Website.

— It's a powerful research [Smiles]. A week before the pump, my partners and I bought $30,000 coins to bridge from BRC to SOL. But we put out low gas, and our withdrawal got stuck. Our coin just didn't come for a week. 

— Wow, what happened next? 

— With a partner, we researched and found an NFT collection of the same name on the BTC network. We decided to hold it. We held PUMP, although we could have come out with a $1500 loss. We decided to wait it out, and then the growth grew sharply. My partner convinced me to hold. A day passed, and we had 30X. I sold it with a difference of $40,000. And then I discovered the most exciting thing: The coin had nothing to do with the NFT collection. 

— It happens. We've all been there. [Laughs]. Let's move on. Project $DUREV, the CIS projects, always cause scepticism. Why did you decide to enter this project? 

— There was a powerful research. [Smiles] I've seen project mentions from several Influencers for a few weeks. I went in to see how the token sale was going. And I liked the coin sticker, so I decided to invest. 


— You bought it. What will happen next? 

— Next thing you know, I'm flying to Dubai in business class. [Laughs] I saw that the token was listed on the plane. I was wondering how many coins I got. I see X amount of coins and realize it's too much. I got something near X25. Surprised, I decided: If you love, let me go! 

I sell a coin in one transaction. Ruslan Sokolowski [Token Creator] wrote later that they misallocated. They got it wrong, and I took advantage of the decentralisation and made money. For me, this story is over. I got a difference of $25,000 from $1,000.

I know you launched your token S. How did you develop this idea? Do you think that in the future, every Influencer will launch their token?  

Scaling your brand is a global topic. My channel has only been active for half a year. I'm a mid-level Influencer. I try to create many exciting activities around me, token is one of them. For me, this is a long-term project for brand building. I want to reward subscribers and give them opportunities to earn. 

— When did you start working on the token?

— February-March, 2 months ago. 

— How much liquidity did you decide to deposit? 

— $10,000. The marketcap was also $10,000. Now it has reached $530,000.  

— Why do you think whale investors chose your coin? 

See, whales buy a lot of tokens and use software. I don't know why my token has soft triggers. One of the whales spent 1 ETH token on S before I locked in liquidity. I think a CIS whale followed my channel and did it manually. You can speculate all you want. 

— I know you migrated the token from Ethereum to Arbitrum. Has the token's “life” changed? 

— It became more manageable and safer. Due to an early purchase, the whale stored 10% of the entire supply. The token was burned, and 32% of the supply was gone in a month. After half a year, he could decide to kill the token, so it needed to migrate to another blockchain. 

— Tell me your top Influencers. 

— I have a bias. For me, there is not a single influencer who provides valuable information. Nowadays, no one can give you the information you get from private software or informal signals. I advise choosing the most honest people possible and looking for people who know how to make money. My top: 


Yo Crypto https://t.me/yocryptoru

Smash https://t.me/smash

— Is risk a critical factor for you? 

— You won't make much money without a risk. Arbitrage is not such a hard job from a technical point of view. But mentally, it is complicated to prepare yourself: things like fear get in the way of arbitrage and enjoying life. You don't have to be patient. 

— Thanks for the interview, great ending. :) 



The interview with S opens eyes to the realities of arbitrage, where the key to success is research, attention to detail, and the ability to take risks in time. Our guest's example inspires us how to make money even during a bear phase. His story teaches that luck and skill go hand in hand in arbitrage.

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