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How to attract 5500+ users in 3 months to a GameFi project

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Anastasiya Dolgikh

Head of User Acquisition and Retention


4 min

In just three months, the BDC Consulting team was able to increase the profit of a GameFi project, attract more than 5500 new users and improve search results significantly, ensuring at the same time an increase in positive reviews and a decrease in the number of negative ones. How was it done?


In an extremely short time - just 3 months - the team was tasked to significantly improve the performance of the GameFi project operating in a highly competitive environment: significantly increase the number of new users, reduce the share of negative reviews and at the same time increase the percentage of positive mentions of the client's project.

How did we deal with it?

It was necessary to change the frequently occurring user path: clicking on an advertising link and quickly leaving the landing page without returning. A significant part of the audience asked for reviews and, finding negatives that did not correspond to reality or left by competitors, did not return.

To solve the problem, a combination of two marketing tools was chosen: SEO/SERM and Paid Reputation Management in search engines increased the credibility of the project, which had a positive effect on the conversion of paid traffic - after DYOR, users returned to the landing page or reacted more positively to the repeated display of advertising.

Insight: the complex use of marketing tools allows you to achieve synergy with the right understanding of the customer journey map.


As part of the work in this area, work was carried out to reduce the percentage of negativity in the top 20 searches for branded queries and increase the total number of positive product mentions:

Step 1 Posting positive reviews on top sites

All reviews posted on the top 15 sites of the CIS were written by a professional copywriter. Their monthly number was determined based on the average rate of posting new brand reviews.

Step 2 Complaints to Remove Hosting

Sending repeated complaints to hosting with scam resources (scammers pretending to be someone else's brand) with a request to remove them.

Insight: Formal complaints are one of the most effective tools for projects to combat unfair negative content.


As a result of a three-month campaign conducted by BDC Consulting, the number of negative resources falling into the top 20 of the search when mentioning a client's project decreased from 161 to 142, or in percentage terms from 19.1% to 16.9%. The number of positive resources increased from 581 to 588, and in percentage terms - from 66.5% to 69.8%.

Step 3 Work on monopolizing the project

BDC Consulting specialists have compiled a list of authoritative sites for popular search queries. The team contacted their representatives and agreed to include the promoted resource in the materials published on these resources.

Insight: Direct dialogue with the sites is a very effective tool for promoting and monopolizing the project on the market.


The client's brand was added to 11 resources for key phrases, as a result, the percentage of mentions increased from 1.5% to 1.83%

Paid Stage 

The goal of BDC was to attract new users for the client's project by launching advertising campaigns in native (banners) and social networks (VK, Facebook, Mytarget), as well as in contextual networks (Yandex, Google). Thanks to connected analytics, it was possible to improve the quality of traffic to optimize the conversion from registration to deposit, making it a metric for KPI.


  • Since the introduction of the new goal, the average daily deposit amount in the third month of the campaign has grown by 105.2% compared to the second month, to approximately $600 from just under $300.
  • Received 3307 registrations and 1074 deposits
  • KPI due to advertising activities was overfulfilled by more than 15% every month
  • Throughout the campaign, the number of registrations and deposits grew, while the cost of user acquisition went down. CPL of deposits decreased by almost 2.4 times, and CPL of registration - by 3.5 times.

Conclusions and insights

  1. The combination of work in two areas - SEO/SERM + Paid allows you to reduce the CPL significantly.
  2. To improve the customer journey, you need to use an integrated approach. The combination of work in two directions - SEO / SERM + Paid helps to significantly improve CJM.
  3. A properly built CJM allows you to expand the funnel to a business metric, for example, to placing a deposit.

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