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How to get your press release published by Yahoo! Finance:Tips from a PR Newswire Collaboration

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In the summer of 2019, Liquid crypto exchange announced an IEO for Telegram's Gram tokens. Apart from the exchange's website, the news appeared on Techcrunch and spread like wildfire. Over 3,500 articles and news pieces covering the subject eventually appeared on the web.

One of the key reasons why the news received such wide coverage was that it was taken up by PR Newswire – perhaps the best-known press release distribution network. The collaboration with PR Newswire allowed Liquid to get its content featured on large media resources with a total number of monthly users nearing 4 billion. 

In this post, we'll tell you more about this case study and share some insights on how to promote your project through PR Newswire.

How it works

PR Newswire has over 10,000 media resources in their partner database, including such giants as Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Newsweek, Reader's Digest, NewsNow, New York Magazine and CNBC. 

The PR Newswire website gets 6.4 million monthly visitors.

If you decide to promote your press release through this distribution network, you'll first need to register on the platform and send your release to the content manager, specifying your desired GEO. The final price will depend on the regions where you want your article to be distributed, as well as the word count. On average, prepare to pay $1000 to $1500 per release.

For your money, expect that you'll get guaranteed coverage from anywhere between 20 and 200 websites on PR Newswire's database.

Thanks to the publication by PR Newswire, the news about the Gram sale ended up on Yahoo! Finance — a leading provider of financial news with a monthly audience of 3.8 billion.

PR Newswire also posted the release on a number of smaller industry resources, such as (400K users a month) and (117K monthly visitors).

Once the release was published on Yahoo! Finance, it set off a chain reaction: the news was reported by Cointelegraph (5.5 million monthly users), Bitcoinist (1.2 million) and other sites.

Therefore, Liquid got coverage on dozens of industry resources with a total monthly audience of over 4 billion – and the only thing it paid for was the distribution service with PR Newswire.

Can you repeat Liquid's success?

PR Newswire can be a good tool for reaching out to a wider audience. But it's better not to use it as a way to get published on a specific website: distribution networks are sort of a roulette, and there are no guarantees that you'll get covered by a top website.

Still, there are ways to maximize your chances. Here are a few tips:

  1. Write content that will make readers want to learn more. People don't care what your company does. The only way to engage them is by sharing interesting or valuable information. As Inc. Magazine's contributing editor Geoffrey James put it, «You may deeply believe that your company is fabulous, your products are wonderful and your service is unparalleled. But your customers don't care what you feel or how you view your industry.» So what do they care about? Themselves, mostly, and the value they get.
  2. Use facts and figures. If you write that your company is «a global leader in X» but have nothing to prove it, your release could be viewed as a scam. Avoid clickbait, sensational statements, and multiple adjectives: all this can cost you your readers' trust.
  3. Add an image. It will make your press release look more attractive. Research also shows that images can improve your content's visibility in SERPs and social media.
  4. Write for people, not for machines. Gone are the times when people wrote keyword-stuffed articles with only search engines in mind. Today's SEO is all about engaging content and natural style – and not keyword density. Nowadays search engines actually penalize overly SEO-optimized content.
  5. Watch your grammar and style. If you are writing in a foreign language, try to get your text proofread by a native speaker. Most media sites won't accept badly written content, since it could damage their own reputation.

Is it worth the effort?

If your budget allows it – and if you have someone who can write a quality press release – then it's definitely worth trying. Remember, however, that you can't know in advance which websites will publish your press release. If you are lucky, your content will be read by millions of Yahoo! Finance visitors, as it happened with Liquid. But it can also happen that the press release will be featured on dozens of small local sites. 

At BDC Consulting, we regularly use PR Newswire to market our clients' projects. Yet, this is not the only efficient promotion tool, in fact, there are several guaranteed ways of getting coverage on Yahoo! Finance for free.

If you'd like to promote your product across leading global media and reach out to millions of potential users, get in touch with us. We'll be happy to offer you PR advice and share our market expertise.

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