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8800 crypto wallet installs in 2 monthsthanks to ASO - and without paid ads

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ASO, or App Store Optimization, is a cheap and efficient way to get more organic installs in Google Play and App Store. Combining this tool and localization for different GEOs, we dramatically increased the number of downloads for a crypto wallet, in spite of high competition.

The challenge: increase the number of crypto wallet installs in spite of Google’s ban on crypto ads

Google and Facebook still don’t allow the use of terms like “cryptocurrency” and “crypto wallet” in paid ads. While there are ways to circumvent the ban (such as cloaking, or directing paid ad traffic to a special lending page that doesn’t contain any stop words), such ad campaigns often had to be restarted several times after the account gets blocked by Google’s moderators. 

In this case study, our client had launched a multicurrency crypto wallet. This type of apps is difficult to promote for two reasons:

  1. It’s difficult to write promo text for a blockchain wallet without using “forbidden” expressions like “crypto wallet”;
  2. Many wallets with similar features compete for installs in app stores.

We managed to solve the problem by combining ASO (App Store Optimization) and careful localization for different GEOs. In other words, we optimized the wallet’s description for app store searches in different languages.

Final result: 8,814 installs in 2 months.

How we did it 

Why ASO and localization?

Localization can be a crucial source of growth for mobile crypto apps. But in order to enter a new market successfully, you need to localize not just the screens and tabs of the App itself but also its description for app stores, metadata, and even screenshots. 

The process of optimizing texts and metadata to make an app rank higher in the search results is called ASO (App Store Optimization), similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this case study, we selected 10 new GEOs for which to localize and optimize the wallet:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Turkey
  • India
  • UK

Step 1: competition analysis

We’ve analyzed competing wallets in App Store and Google Play based on the most relevant criteria for ASO:

  • Localization of the metadata and app screenshots
  • The dates of the first and last update
  • Update frequency
  • App size in MB
  • Rating
  • Number of ratings
  • Additional features

Step 2: semantics and metadata

Next, we built a semantic core (an ordered list of keywords and keyphrases to attract traffic) for each of the 10 GEO’s languages. We also prepared the metadata and calculated the percentage of non-branded traffic for each target query (keyphrase) in order to evaluate the potential traffic in App Store and Google Play.

A sample metadata sheet for App Store

A sample calculation of the branded/non-branded traffic ratio

Step 3: creating text copy

Based on the new semantic cores, we prepared a brief for the native-speaking content writers. Their task was to compile a short and full description of the wallet in each of the 10 target languages.

Step 4: screenshot localization

If a user reads an app description in Spanish, for example, the screenshots should also show the interface in Spanish (if it’s a multilingual app). This step is often overlooked, though it’s actually very important. 

Step 5: posting the content

Finally, we published the descriptions, metadata, and screenshots for all 10 GEOs in App Store and Google Play. Next we just had to wait for them to be indexed and monitor the installs. 

Step 6: reviews, SERM, and paid traffic

At BDC Consulting, our key recipe for success is integrating different campaign tools for maximum effect. In this case, too, apart from ASO proper, we also worked on review optimization. We obtained reviews from the wallet’s uses and integrated relevant keywords into them. These reviews are being published gradually to support the organic increase of the wallet’s rating. 

Moreover, we launched a SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) campaign. It focuses on user questions and reviews in app stores and on various websites. By integrating keywords into the answers to user questions, we influence search results in app stores and attract additional traffic.


In just 2 months following the publication of the localized wallet descriptions, we obtained over 8,814 organic downloads. As no large-scale paid ad campaign was running at the same time, we can be certain that the surge in the number of downloads was due to our effective ASO optimization. 


Carefully conducted ASO allows marketers to:

1) Increase the volume of search traffic in app stores. By using relevant keywords in the title and description, one can make an app rank higher for the target queries and maximize downloads.

2) Stand out from the crowd. This is particularly important for crypto wallets and other apps that have a lot of competitors with similar features. As the functionality is more or less the same, it’s ASO that really helps an app get ahead of its rivals.

3) Reduce the cost per install (CPI). The more organic downloads an app gets, the higher in ranks in the store and the more attention and new downloads it attracts — without any extra expense on paid ads. 
4) Improve the product. By analyzing the target audience's search queries and reviews, you can understand which features are a priority for the users and which bugs have to be fixed ASAP.

The next step: a market-wide study

Apart from the regular ASO maintenance, we plan to conduct a large-scale market study to identify the most promising regions for our client to venture into next. The study will feature a list of countries selected based on the following criteria:

  • the country’s crypto market size;
  • user trust in similar wallets and services;
  • the audience’s level of awareness about crypto;
  • competition and how difficult it is to enter the regional market;
  • crypto regulations in the region.

Once the study is ready, we will surely publish the results and insights in this blog. If you’d like to discuss ASO for your app, use the contact form on the BDC Consulting site to contact us — we’ll be glad to share our experience. 

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