Roman Aliev

Director, Strategy

Good design can't fix broken business models. — Jeffrey Veen

About Roman

  • DeFi
  • Exchanges
  • Payment providers
  • GameFi/SocialFi
  • Metaverse
  • Wallets
  • L1/ L2 solutions

Roman in our blog

May 2023How to keep the community engaged while the product is delayed

Keeping the community engaged when the project cannot launch on time.

Dec 2022Crypto consulting for fundraising

How with cryptocurrency consulting you can raise funds faster and at lower cost.

Nov 2022Competitor analysis: catch me if you can

A strategy for finding a competitor to your product or token.

Oct 2022L2 & rollups: how they work, why we need them & what’s next

We’ll tell you about the most popular L2 protocols, their advantages and drawbacks, and what will happen to them now that Ethereum has switched to Proof-of-Stake.

Sept 2022Why competition analysis should inform all your strategic decision-making

BDC Consulting helps Web3 projects grow their business and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Sept 2022Launching an NFT sale for a P2E game in the bear market: a case study in strategic consulting

When it comes to GameFi IDOs and especially INOs (Initial NFT Offerings), in-depth preliminary research is key. Here is how we helped a successful studio with over 250 million installs plan an INO for a new P2E game.

July 2022How to sell 1000 NFTs and achieve over 600% ROMI

BDC Consulting specialists were able to bring the NFT project to new markets by selling more than 1000 NFTs in Turkey, Latin America, and other locations.

Jan 2022How to build a vibrant community with over 72,000 users worldwide

Can token sale be increased, for example, to $8 million from scratch just by building a vibrant community for English, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese-speaking users?

Oct 2021Four Principles of Successful Marketing for Crypto Projects

My path in marketing started with my own laptop repair business. At first, I had to do everything myself: fixing, sales, delivery and, of course, marketing.

July 2021From 0 to $2,000,000 in token sales, 8x Telegram followers, and 10,000% marketing ROI – all in one sprint

How to stimulate token sales and build a reputable 25k user community with the complete anonymity of the parent company?

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