Olga Vodchyts

Manager, Strategy&Marketing

We work for a crypto company

About Olga

  • Communication with customers
  • Crisis management
  • Business process management
  • Novator

Olga in our blog

May 2023How to keep the community engaged while the product is delayed

Keeping the community engaged when the project cannot launch on time.

Sept 20228800 crypto wallet installs in 2 months thanks to ASO - and without paid ads

ASO is a cheap and efficient way to get more organic installs in Google Play and App Store. How we increased the number of downloads for a crypto wallet, in spite of high competition.

Dec 2021How to increase the number of leads by 1600% and reduce the application cost from $268 to $19 in 4 months

Our specialists have extensive experience in solving problems of increasing conversions and reducing CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per action) for clients in the cryptosphere.

Aug 2021Target audience research-based marketing strategy for an innovative product: a successful case

The BDC Consulting team often manages to increase the sales and capitalization of client products by 100-200% through high-quality advertising and reputation management.

July 2021From 0 to $2,000,000 in token sales, 8x Telegram followers, and 10,000% marketing ROI – all in one sprint

How to stimulate token sales and build a reputable 25k user community with the complete anonymity of the parent company?

Jan 2020How we transformed a reputation from 48% negative on Google to neutral

One can easily translate sign reputation management to income management. Your public image directly affects sales, career and financial well-being in any field – whether searching for an investor, overcoming the negativity spread by your rivals, a change of field, or creation of a new public persona.

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