Hidden marketing (HM)

With competition growing in every sphere and customers getting smarter, direct marketing is not enough. Do you want the target audience to love your brand on the subconscious level? It’s possible thanks to advanced hidden marketing techniques!

Covert (hidden) marketing is the key to delivering your message in a subtle, unobtrusive way. Potential customers get to know and like your products without even realising it. While regular ads might repel viewers, hidden marketing works in a subtler way: it plants the message without the audience being aware of it. 

The hidden benefits of social media marketing through alternative channels include:

  • Attracting new audiences;

  • Avoiding a deliberate rejection of the brand and its products;

  • Making the potential customers like the brand subconsciously, without the need to prove its value;

  • High LTV and long-term loyalty.  

BDC Consulting uses industry-first techniques and tailored approaches to brand promotion. Our holistic strategy incorporates  digital marketing, reputation management (ORM, SERM, and HM), PR, SEO, strategic planning, and so much more.

Our complex hidden marketing framework includes several crucial components. 

Reputation Management

Positive word of mouth does wonders to a brand’s sales and conversions, since people trust the experience of others more than advertising promises. BDC Consulting will uncover what the audience really thinks about your company and find ways to boost trust organically.

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One negative review on the first page of Google can cost you up to 22% of potential customers. Make sure your audience’s first impression is a good one. The BDC Consulting managers are experts in eliminating online negativity and improving the image of a brand or a  persona.

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BDC Consulting managers will find and process any negative reviews published all over the Internet: in blogs, social media, YouTube, on aggregator sites, etc. We’ll communicate with website admins and editors to remove any fake or unjustified comments and replace them with messages that improve the brand’s reputation.

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