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    Nov 2020

    Do Twitter influencers affect crypto prices?

    We've decided to find out what sort of impact influencers really have on crypto: for instance, which coins they tend to write about and if their tweets can affect the price.

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    Jan-Feb 2020

    Analyzing Crypto Headlines

    According to research conducted Kalev Leetary and the GDELT project, most news articles have a negative tonality. Is it the same with blockchain news? To find out, we analyzed 223,000 headlines that appeared in the leading blockchain media between 2013 and 2019.

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    Dec 2019

    One year after the hype: what's really going on with the ICO market in 2019

    According to the Satis Group report, more than 80 percent of all ICOs held in 2017 turned out to be scams. We analyzed ICO projects that received investments from the 1st of January to the 30th of August 2018 to find out if the situation changed in 2019. Are they still active? Have ICO scams become a rare phenomenon or the other way around?

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    Nov 2019

    Crypto exchanges in media headlines: most popular platforms and resources

    We have analyzed the headlines of 2,500 media outlets to see which exchanges are forming the cryptographic industry news agenda and in which countries the specialized media market is the most well-developed.