Our key challenge and transformational target: marketing agency —> consulting —> product studio

Our vision – to be the leading global experts in growth and scaling for crypto startups.

Our mission – to help our clients grow into unicorns.

What we've already done to make you feel at home:

  • Crypto Morning (every Wednesday morning the CEO shares crypto updates);

  • Internal training programs centered on crypto and blockchain, as well as sessions with external coaches and internal marketing training;

  • A Telegram chat where we share investment ideas and earn money on the side;

  • Zero bureaucracy: you can always write to the CEO and ask a question;

  • We work with clients from the US, Europe, Russia, Latin America etc.

Tasks to solve

  1. Process incoming leads.

  2. Identify needs and deliver service presentations to potential clients.

  3. Prepare and justify commercial proposals.

  4. Negotiate and close deals with new clients.

  5. Sell the company’s marketing and consulting services.

  6. Fulfill sales plans.

  7. Maintain records and comply with the sales process.

What we expect

  • Confident sales of B2B services, understanding of Internet marketing tools, over 2 years of experience.

  • Fluent spoken and written English.

  • Knowledge / experience in blockchain & fintech / IT

Priority is given to candidates with

  1. Knowledge / experience in blockchain & fintech.

  2. PMI certification.

What we offer

  1. Fixed salary (negotiable) + KPI bonuses (exchange rate-adjusted): paid officially and always on schedule.

  2. Work from the office or from home (our panoramic and comfortable office is located in Minsk).

  3. A personal mentor for the 3-month adaptation period. We understand that even top professionals need time to adapt, and we're happy to explain, show, and teach you everything you need to know.

  4. Full-time (8 hours a day); start your working day between 9am and 10am.

  5. We communicate via Slack and set tasks in Asana.

  6. We cover up to 80% of the cost of your professional courses, seminars, and training courses. Our team members have already attended a lot of events and will happily share their experience.

  7. We cover the cost of your professional books – without limits. 

Check out our founder's Telegram channel, he has launched it recently: https://bit.ly/3mmXvaM 

Haven’t found a vacancy for yourself, but you are sure that your experience will be useful? We are always interested in meeting interesting people. Send your CV to j.verina@bdcenter.digital 

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