Head of Sales

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Our key challenge and transformational target: marketing agency —> consulting —> product studio. 

Vision: to be the leading global experts in growth and scaling for crypto startups.

Mission: we accelerate the reshaping of the global financial system based on trust, transparency and accessibility.

Business goals: to keep growing by x3-4 each year. This requires cool and professional people, fast growth and strong crypto management.

Further details on the tasks and conditions can be found below.

What have we already done for you feeling really comfy at work? 

  • Crypto Mornings (Each Wednesday the CEO of the company covers a hot topic regarding crypto).
  • We have developed in-house crypto training, also as we bring in the coaches and provide training in different branches of marketing.
  • Telegram chat is a place to share investment ideas and earn extra money.
  • Zero bureaucracy rule, if you want to write to the CEO and ask a question, go ahead and do it :).
  • Working with global markets in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Latin America, etc

What about the tasks?

  • Development of current sales as well as in the Western area
  • Formation, optimization, control of execution and automation of business processes of the sales department
  • Scripting the regulations of the sales department.
  • Wrapping of sales objects and participation in the formation of sales objects, calculations (solutions and services)
  • Formation and execution of sales plans (general and individual), decomposition, forecasting
  • Management, control, motivation, and training of sales managers
  • Participation in sales
  • Work with CRM (implementation, optimization, control)
  • Work closely with marketing to achieve common goals
  • Formation and control of compliance with KPI of managers and own
  • Increase of effectiveness of the main stages of OP: conversion, average bill
  • Assistance to managers in complex transactions
  • Performance reporting

What we expect:

  • Experience in marketing or crypto is a must. Expertise in marketing, agency or IT consulting is more desirable
  • Proven experience in B2B sales
  • Experience in a Head of Sales position of 3 years or more
  • Understanding of services such as: PR, SEO, SERM, SMM, E-mail, influencer marketing, traffic, etc
  • Fluent English, both written and spoken

It will be a plus if you:

  • Experience in a marketing agency and an understanding of these services
  • Knowledge and experience in blockchain & fintech

What we offer:

  • Fixed base + KPI compensation type based on the growing number of community members, the scope of the event (with a link to the course). Both official and without delay.
  • Remote work, the ability to work from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
  • A mentor provided for the whole period of adaptation. We are always eager to explain, to tell, to teach. We perfectly understand that it takes time even for a professional.
  • Full-time (8 hours a day); start your working day between 9am and 10am.
  • We use Slack for communication and Asana for assigning tasks. 
  • We cover up to 80% of your courses, seminars, and training. Our specialists attend different events and are already there to tell us about their impressions.
  • Booklover? We compensate for the purchase of books on specialization with no limitations.

If you can't find a suitable job opening, but you're sure that your experience is a great match for BDC Consulting, we'll be happy to get to know you. Please submit your CV using the form below.

We are waiting for you in our BDC teams :)

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