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Our key transformational challenge: marketing agency -> consulting company -> product studio.

Vision: to be the leading global experts in growth and scaling for crypto startups.

Mission: to help our clients grow into unicorns.

Business goals: to keep growing by x3-4 each year. To do this, we need to make sure that each project's objectives are met and to keep the team working at a steady rhythm. Keep in mind that digital marketing in crypto is a very dynamic, even hectic environment. You need to be able to handle rapid change and adapt easily. 

Expect to run 2 projects simultaneously. We'd also like our clients to stay with us for years and keep buying new services – and that will also be part of your job. In short, this isn't a position for someone who's looking for rest & relaxation. 

The key task right now is to streamline the processes and expand the client portfolio. We aim for a 50/50 ratio of Russian-speaking and international clients. To achieve this, we need a confident professional who is ready to work fast and maintain the pace.

What we've already done to make you feel at home:

  • Crypto Morning (every Wednesday morning the CEO shares crypto updates);
  • Internal training programs centered on crypto and blockchain;
  • Sessions with external coaches and internal marketing training;
  • A Telegram chat where we share investment ideas and earn money on the side;
  • Zero bureaucracy: you can always write to the CEO and ask a question;
  • Access to global markets and audiences.

Job responsibilities:

  • Work out and confirm project objectives with the client and ensure that these objectives are reached; generate reports;
  • Take managerial decisions and supervise the project team;
  • Allocate tasks, control the progress, and evaluate the performance;
  • Ensure and maintain a high quality of project delivery;
  • Implement project management standards based on PMI or other systems;
  • Solve non-standard tasks;
  • Search for and negotiate with contractors.

What we expect from you:

  • 3+ years of experience running complex projects and supervising project teams;
  • Experience and/or education in digital marketing, PR, and analytics;
  • Ability to run several projects at once while efficiently managing a team and adhering to deadlines;
  • Fast decision-making under conditions of uncertainty;
  • Upper-Intermediate English or higher;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Leadership skills.

The following will be a bonus:

  • Experience in the blockchain/fintech industry;
  • PMI certification.

What we offer:

  • Fixed salary + KPI bonuses (exchange rate-adjusted): paid officially and always on schedule;
  • Work from the office or from home (our office is in Minsk);
  • A personal mentor for the 3-month adaptation period. We understand that even top professionals need time to adapt, and we're happy to explain, show, and teach you everything you need to know;
  • Start your working day between 9am and 10am;
  • We communicate via Slack, set tasks in Asana, and track time in Everhour;
  • We cover up to 80% of the cost of your professional courses, seminars, and training courses. These aren't just words: our team members have already attended a lot of events and will happily share their experience.;
  • We cover the cost of your professional books – without limits. We like people who enjoy reading.

If you've reached this point and realized you'd love to join our team, please respond to the vacancy and wait for a reply for our Talent Acquisition Manager. 

Want to know what's in our founder's head? Check out this channel he recently started on Telegram:

If you can't find a suitable job opening but you're sure that your experience is a great match for BDC Consulting, we'll be happy to get to know you. 
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