Our key challenge and transformational target: marketing agency —> consulting —> product studio. 

Vision: to be the leading global experts in growth and scaling for crypto startups.

Mission: to help our clients grow into unicorns.

SERM objectives: build the SERPs we and our clients want to see – both on Google and on YouTube, both for English-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences. We work with other languages, too – Portuguese, for instance.

SEO objectives: get the most out of web search. I don't just mean the site: SEO comprises all sorts of Google tools and tricks. For example, I like the SERP monopolization technique: populating the whole first page with the official website, media, blogs, reviews, social media accounts, and other resources that mention a company in a positive way.

Right now the ratio of the Russian-language and international content is roughly 50/50. We are looking for a confident professional who's prepared to work fast and sustain an intense rhythm.

And now to the job responsibilities and terms.

What we've already done to help you enjoy work:

  1. Crypto Morning (every Wednesday morning the CEO shares crypto updates);

  2. Internal training programs centered on crypto and blockchain, as well as sessions with external coaches and internal marketing training;

  3. A Telegram chat where we share investment ideas and earn money on the side;

  4. Zero bureaucracy: you can always write to the CEO and ask a question;

  5. We work with clients from the US, Europe, Russia, Latin America etc.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Structuring website content;

  2. Creating promotional strategies;

  3. Drawing up briefs for optimization and structuring of websites;

  4. Preparing content briefs and controlling content indexing and placement;

  5. Working with various services and apps (Keycollector, Keyassort, Wordstat, Google Planner, Webmaster.Yandex, Ahrefs, Google Webmaster и др.);

  6. Working with backlink marketplaces

  7. Website analytics using Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics;

  8. Analyzing website usability;

  9. Generating reports.


  1. Identifying negativity in SERPs;

  2. Designing strategies to remove negativity;

  3. Selecting web pages for positive content placements;

  4. Drawing up briefs for optimization and structuring of websites;

  5. Preparing content briefs and controlling content indexing and placement;

  6. Eliminating negative content from search results in Google, Yandex, and YouTube;

  7. Working with backlink marketplaces;

  8. Working with search suggests;

  9. Negotiating with editors and admins to remove negative content;

  10. Reporting.

What we expect from you:

  1. At least 2 years of experience (required);

  2. Upper-Intermediate English;

  3. Experience with internal and external website optimization;

  4. Proven successful cases of using non-standard solutions to improve reputation in Google, Yandex, and YouTube.

What we offer:

  1. Fixed salary (negotiable) + KPI bonuses (exchange rate-adjusted): paid officially and always on schedule;

  2. Work from the office or from home (our panoramic and comfortable office is located in Minsk);

  3. A personal mentor for the 3-month adaptation period. We understand that even top professionals need time to adapt, and we're happy to explain, show, and teach you everything you need to know;

  4. Full-time (8 hours a day); start your working day between 9am and 10am;

  5. We communicate via Slack and set tasks in Asana;

  6. We cover up to 80% of the cost of your professional courses, seminars, and training courses. These aren't just words: our team members have already attended a lot of events and will happily share their experience.;

  7. We cover the cost of your professional books – without limits. 

If you can't find a suitable job opening but you're sure that your experience is a great match for BDC Consulting, we'll be happy to get to know you. Please send your CV to i.kutsko@bdcenter.digital

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