Our key challenge and transformational target: marketing agency —> consulting —> product studio. 

Vision: to be the leading global experts in growth and scaling for crypto startups.

Mission: to help our clients grow into unicorns.

Business goals: keep growing by x3-4 every year. To achieve this, we need to promote a lot of high-profile blockchain & fintech startups. Since influencers and bloggers active on YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram are a huge force in the blockchain space, we work with them on almost every project. As an influencer manager, you will negotiate with opinion leaders, evaluate the quality of channels, blogs, and their audiences, prepare briefs, and make sure that influencers follow them. 

What we've already done to help you enjoy work:

  1. Crypto Morning (every Wednesday morning the CEO shares crypto updates);

  2. Internal training programs centered on crypto and blockchain, as well as sessions with external coaches and internal marketing training;

  3. A Telegram chat where we share investment ideas and earn money on the side;

  4. Zero bureaucracy: you can always write to the CEO and ask a question;

  5. We work with clients from the US, Europe, Russia, Latin America etc.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Interaction with opinion leaders on YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram (potentially also on Reddit and Steemit);

  2. Active search and non-stop negotiations with new influencers to secure collaborations;

  3. Twitter & Telegram analytics using Social Blade, Popsters, TGstat etc.;

  4. Evaluating YouTube channels in terms of audience relevance and engagement, potential fake followers, content quality, CPA, CPM, CPC, etc.;

  5. Media planning (subject, timing, budget, goals);

  6. Help with drawing up video scenarios and creative content;

  7. Preparation of video briefs for vloggers (title, description, keywords);

  8. Monitoring the quality and timeliness of influencer integrations;

  9. Analytics and reporting.

What we expect from you:

  1. Spoken and written English: Upper Intermediate+;

  2. Sound practical knowledge of the the cryptocurrency & blockchain space;

  3. Ability to determine the best content format based on the chosen communication channel;

  4. Excellent communication skills, flexibility, and ability to come to an agreement with people;

  5. Ability to multitask and manage a large number of contacts;

  6. An active personal Twitter account is a bonus.

What we offer:

  1. Competitive salary + KPI bonuses

  2. Official contract;

  3. Convenient work format: choose between remote working and our beautiful office on the Nyamiha with a panoramic view over the Svislach;

  4. Fast professional growth, exciting challenges, a strong team, and a supportive environment; 

  5. Corporate learning: we cover up to 80% of your course fees, conference attendance, and professional books;

  6. Personal branding potential: publish expert articles under your own name and provide commentary to the media;

  7. Work on projects in the US, Europe, Russia, Latin America, and other regions.

If you can't find a suitable job opening but you're sure that your experience is a great match for BDC Consulting, we'll be happy to get to know you. Please send your CV to i.kutsko@bdcenter.digital

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