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Who we are: BDC Consulting team recreates the best GIFs of 2019

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Instead of drawing conclusions, the team at BDC Consulting decided to reenact 2019's best GIFs according to Get to know us better and see how we laugh, dance, and even get sad sometimes.

Julia, Employee Relations Manager

Here's Julia welcoming a new team member on their first day at work.

Vladislav, Email Marketing Manager

Psst, how about a spam email campaign?


Yury, Business Developer

When you have to set the deadline for a task as “yesterday”.

Dmitry, Strategist

The client approves the strategy with just one question: 'Can we prolong it for 6 more months?'

Vitaly, Influence Manager

When a blogger does everything that we asked.

Eugene, Analyst

Evgeniy's face when he's asked to run the analytics, but isn't given access to the data.

Paul, CBDO

“What will be the price of Bitcoin in 2020?"

Svetlana, SMM Manager

Celebrating 1 million followers on a client's Instagram.

Eugenia, editor

Watching a client trying to format the title.

Igor, SEO Manager

Reading another article that claims that SEO is going to die in 2020.

Ales, CEO

“Do you need any more clients?”

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