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How we increased the number of viewsfor an article by 300%

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While promoting various FinTech projects back in 2017, we noticed an interesting fact: whenever an article's header included the name of a popular brand, it would get many more views than the same article under a different title.

Here's an example: we published two press releases on Bitcoinist in May 2018. The text was identical, but the number of views differed by almost 300%.
1. Striking Deal: Game Stars Offers Limited Tokens With 30% Bonus After The Pre-Sale Sold-Out -

2. Bitcoin Holders Bet On Game Stars Token

We used the brand name trick to obtain a higher number of views, and as a result, we got more visits to the project's site. Next, we worked on converting the new audience using retargeting and push notifications.

Does this method still work in 2019? Let's analyze and see.

The data

Here's what we used to test our hypothesis:

  1. Brand: Binance – a very strong and popular brand name;
  2. Resources: Cointelegraph, Ttrcoin и Blockonomi – since they list the number of views for each article;
  3. Period: September 2017 – August 2019.

We used 992 news articles that gathered a total of 4.8 million views. We divided them into those that mentioned Binance in the title (353) and those that didn't (639). We also grouped the articles by year: 2017, 2018, and 2019. Next, we calculated the average number of views per article in each category (the total number of views divided by the number of articles) – and found an interesting pattern.

Study results

With every passing year, the number of news pieces that mention Binance grows – but the average number of page views decreases:

As you can see, the mentioning of the Binance brand in the title increased the average number of views by 50% to 110% a couple of years ago. In 2019, the increase is much lower: between 8% and 38%.

It should also be noted that the result depends on the audience of a specific resource and the article's content. News of large-scale infrastructural changes, companies entering new markets, or scandals involving large businesses will probably get more views, whether it’s with a mention of a brand in the title or without. However, in spite of the possible inaccuracies, the use of this method in press releases still brings fruit.

We continue to study advertising activities, since it allows us to track our campaigns' results, fine-tune when necessary, and constantly increase conversion.

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